This species, discovered by Dr. Marxman, is a member of the Carpo Family and is thought to carry disease. The Plague Ratscoots are one type of them that are positive for carrying disease. It possesses extremely pointy teeth that causes its enemies to bleed. Recently, those killed by this creature or escapees of the creature had a positive sign of a new disease, similar to the bubonic plague. These creatures live in sewers, and very rarely live in abandoned Stalker Pyro Dens. They are extremely fast, and are thought to be secretly overpopulating due to the mass amount of sightings and attacks recently recorded. They are often seen crouched and ready to attack. They have even been shown to play idle against skilled players so they may taunt kill the creatures. Before this can happen, they infect or kill them, and leave. They are sometimes seen with other rats, and very rarely attack groups of players.


Baby Face's Blaster

Any Secondary

Boston Basher



This video shows one taunting a Ratscout, angering it causing it to attack and kill its prey.

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