The robotic recreation of a Rapspy head

Raptorspy or Rapspy for short directly translates to Thief. Since scientists believe this creature to of lived alongside the still-alive Pyroraptor but a well preserved full face and 3 skulls show Rapspy was a pack hunting sneaking thief. They were studied and it was revealed if caught they would not flee but rather keep attacking there pray.


When the update meteor hit. Rapspy got hit directly and all died. Turning Rapspy extinct. While others still had some time to find shelter. Rapspy is gone and will never return. The scientist Dr. PaleonTF says that the animal would of hardly lasted anyway. As fossils show they are mainly hunted by the Carbonengies (The 4x Big Tortoigineer) And after extinction when Pyroraptors evolved on land they would of burned to death by the large presence of Pyroraptor back then..


Scientists are still trying to find out the tricky behaviour of pyroraptor. Fossils suggest it is a pack hunter but nothing is confirmed yet

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