The RabbitScout, or the BunnyScout (if young), is a small, quick, and thieving creature that steals plants from farmers, and are occasionally kept as pets. They have small teeth, which they use to nibble their food. They mainly eat carrots, grass, and other plants, and are able to escape danger very often. They are often hunted by Solly Birds, making them very uncommon in Hightower. They used to overpopulate there, yet no longer is this due to the SollyBird Migration. They run around a map, hunting for scraps of food. They are herbivores, and have been seen to scavenge dead bodies, though not for meat. Their bite is not enough to make a person bleed, but they can "mark them for death". Their bite does very little damage despite the fact they are successfully overpopulating.

Requirements: Edit

Horrific Head of Hare or Max's Severed Head

Fan O War

Pistol or LugerMorph

Baby Face's Blaster

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