Not much as known about these primitive creatures as photos are just surfacing,but it is speculated that they could be ancestors of the Pyraptor and Pyragon. It is also speculated that they were a close relative of the Megalopyroshark during ancient times.

Pyrosaurus Prime Edit

The Pyrosaurus Prime is named for its perfect preservation in fossils and being alive today. Prime meat is common in this animal and giving its name another reason for prime. They appear as hooded tailed monster-footed TF2nimals with few danger rating

181px-Burny the Pyrosaur

The Pyrosaurus Prime


Appearence varies from male to female. For example,males are easy to spot due to their large tails,but females have no tail; Instead they have large spikes on their bodies. Their appearence currently does not seem to change throughout the stages of its life,however spikes,horns,and tails differ in size depending on age. Pyrosaurus Prime as seen >>> 

Is a hooded tailed and monster-footed Saurian

Arena lumberyard0000

A male Pyrosaur from the front with the tail barely visible,examining it's photographer.

Arena lumberyard0001

A male Pyrosaur from the side,displaying it's tail.

Arena lumberyard0005

A female Pyrosaur in front of a nest,displaying it's spikes clearly.

Arena lumberyard0006

A female Pyrosaur from the side,clearly showing no tail.

Mating and populationEdit

It is unknown what kind of rituals and such are involved in the Pyrosaurs' mating habits,as further research is required. It is however apparent that the Pyrosaur is an egg laying species. The population of the Pyrosaur is speculated to be small since they are an ancient species and most of them have most likely either died out or evolved. Pyrosaurs' are also speculated to travel in groups of two,mostly with their mate.

They can be found mostly in the forests around Lumberyard.

Arena lumberyard0004

A closer look at the nest,taken with a zoom-in camera.


Pyrosaurs' appear to be relatively neutral,only attacking if provoked or when a person or another tf2nimal gets too close to its nest.


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