Required ItemsEdit

Primary: Any Flamethrower

Secondary: The Detonator or Flare Gun

Melee: The Powerjack

Cosmetic: Fallen Angel, Tail From The Crypt, Gothic Guise


The Pyrogoyle is a strange and fast pyro TF2-nimal. and it lacks the abilty of flight but can run very quickly. It likes to hunt its prey by tricking them and being stealthy. The Pyrogoyle may seem smart by its tactics, but it lacks the knowledge how to swim and by that it will not go close to any water.

The Pyrogoyle also dislikes the smell of chocolate and will avoid somebody with it in their hands.

It does not attack if creatures are in groups of 2 or more.

The Pyrogoyle barely goes in groups. They only go into groups in the mating season. After mating, they leave the area alone.

Natural EnemyEdit

The Natural Enemy of the Pyrogoyle is the Heavybear and Pootisbird.



Dalokohs Bars

More than 2 of anything

Water TF2-nimals


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