The Pyrocheops is a prehistoric tf2nimal and is thought by experts to be the oldest relative to all avian tf2nimals, such as the Pyrogon, Demodactyl, and Medibird. While it has wings only the largest of them are able to fly, the rest of the species are flightless. It is though that the 100 million year old birds has gone extinct because of the flightless factor. They where mostlikely hunted down by the Snypterids that live on land. However, despite not being able to fly, they are amazing and climbing.

They where first discovered in goldenrod city, when Giovanni was studing a revived Snypterid. He then saw a odd rock that appeared to have a beak in it, and then he found a smaller one, one that was most likely the plume of the creature, and a very large one that appeared to be a tail with scale like properties.

They have yet to have been revived, but they will be sometime today at the time of this page going up. Keep an eye out for updates. ~Giovanni Pierrot