A Pyro Rainbow Jumper is a TF2-nimal that is delusional and crazy. Studies have shown that they believe that they hold a rainbow like launcher, but in reality, is just a flamethrower. They are capable of short distance hopping, somewhat like an Airforce member or any other Militis TF2-nimal. It is theorized that they have a special tool made for long travels. They have called this the Detonator Theory. This has never been proven, as no one can explain how they would even get their hands on it in the first place.

Red Pyro Rainbow Jumpers Edit

The red Rainbow Jumper is an aggressive creature, lashing fire out to any nearby targets. They are very territorial, and are very willing to spill blood over simple disputes.

Blue Pyro Rainbow Jumpers Edit

The blue Rainbow Jumper are the more intelligent and political side. They would rather peacefully talk things out. Of course though, that never happens as they are so delusional that they often imagine things.

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