The Pyroduck:

The Pyroduck is a rare and endangered relative to the Pyroshark, and unlike their cousins they are docile on land. However, they are a extremely territorial in their aquatic nest, and will risk their life for their eggs. Their diet is composed of mainly plants that they find in the waters, however, in times of desperation or when they run out of food for their Pyroducklings, they will hunt Spycrabs.


Pyroduck eggs have a slight blue glow, suggesting that [DATA EXPUNGED].


A photo of a Pyroduck in it's natural habitat


Primary: Degreaser, Stock Flamethrower

Secondary: Detonator, Flare Gun

Melee: Neon Annihilator, Axtinguisher.


Virtual Viewfinder , Sight for Sore Eyes, and Winter Wonderland Wrap.

OR Australium Gold Painted Polar Pullover, Mann. Co Orange Painted Virtual Viewfinder

The Stubborn Pyroduck:

The Stubborn Pyroduck can be, well, stubborn. Due to their thick down, they aren't affected by the fish that bite their heads, or the buckets they sometimes get stuck on their heads, they also appear to be schizophrenic, and attemps to film or take screenshots of them always come out in their sight, which resembles pyrovision.


Primary: Rainblower

Secondary: Festive Flare Gun

Melee: Lollichop

Hats: Sole Mate, Dead Cone, or the Brain Bucket (must have one)

Miscs: Pyrovision Goggles (required)

(NOTE: If you plan to film or take screenshots of the stubborn Pyro duck, you must wear the pyrovision goggles, for RP reasons. ty, and have a good day)


Pyrosharks - Same ancestor: Aquatic Pyro.

Engiflies - Engiflies make a seductive powder to be used to trap prey.

Some Humans - As long as they don't near their nest.


Heavy Beairs - Preadators.

Scoutrana - Annoy the living day lights out of them.

One-of-a-kind Pyro Ducks:

As of now, there are no special Pyroducks recorded.