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Let the games beginEdit

The Reporter Pyroshark

This is a rare species of pyroshark, and members of this species are known to stand by during pyroshark wars, only going in for the kill when they have a clear advantage. They are known to be neutral unless provoked, as they have a special digestive system, one meal can last for a couple hundred years, which is tiny compared to their vast lifespan. However, they can only reproduce once per meal. They are also known to have a special weapon to attack fleeing enemies from long range, and then dancing on top of their dead prey (neon annihilator taunt)

Weapons: Stock Shotgun, Neon Annihilator

Cosmetics: The Killer Exclusive

The orange splattered lightbulb pyroshark

The only one of it's kind, the orange splattered lightbulb pyroshark, is an extremely rare variant of the lightbulb pyroshark and can be found in asteroid and we have named it Mr. Pyroshark

Weapon: neon annihilator

Cosmetics: Cranial Carcarodon (painted mann co. orange)

The filamental

and the tuxxy

Ruin Dwellers Edit

Within the water of Lakeside, guardian Pyrosharks rise. They hunt from within these waters. They are capable to walk distances to get to another waterhole where they rehydrate. However they can only be out for 5 minutes max.


Primary: Nostromo Napalmer

Secondary: Mannmelter

Melee: Neon Annihilator


Person in the Iron Mask

Sacrificial Stone

Pyromancer's Raiments

Rockhunters Edit

After ages of swimming, the Pyroshark tribe known as the Rockhunters have appeared in Banana Bay. They appear to hide behind rocks before attacking their prey by surprise. They also appear to be able to fly like the rare sightings. They hunt many wrecks too.


Primary: Backburner (Preferably Bot Killer)

Secondary: Thermal Thruster

Melee: Neon Annihilator


Any MvM Mann up badge

Merasmus' Skull Island Topper

Detoboom Edit

They moved from the enclosure after the water got a faster flow. After eating Yetis for years, they skinned enough to coat their detonators and started to move to places with easier to live water. They have an explosive attitude and spend a lot of time making explosions. They also learned how to connect kills with healing spaces.

2017-11-16 (2)

Primary: Any

Secondary: Yeti Coated Detonator

Melee: Third Degree or Neon Annihilator

KRAKEN PYROSHARK a new type of pyroshark has been discovered not much is known about it but it is called the pyrocraken. it is like a pyroshark but with one difference being that it has the last breath and a stetson hat with red eyes and a face on it.

Shrek SharkEdit

The Shrek Pyroshark is an extremely rare species, with only one existing subject. The Shrek Shark is a pyroshark with green skin and ogre-like ears, and they live in swamps. Currently only one has been found, and it is owned by Shrek the Ogre.

Space SharkEdit

Because of the vacuum in space this pyros skin is forced agains its bones giving it a skull like apperance. This has also forced the pyro to find new methods of hunting using electricity to kill its prey.

How to be a space pyroshark

Last breath

neon annihilator/thrid degree


Felix The Illuminated Playgrounder

Loadout for weapons:



Neon Annihilator

Cosmetic Loadout:

Sub Zero Suit

Horseless Headless Horsemann's Head

Gas Guzzler

No Stranges, Unusuals, or Taunts. Items worn were either bought, dropped, or achieved.

Sentinel PyrosharkEdit

The Sentinel Pyroshark

cosmetics: last breath lunatics leathers vintage Merrywether

Weapons: any flamethrower, excluding phlog flare gun neon annihilator

Behavior: these pyrosharks live in groups of 5 or 6, although a singular lone shark has been seen. they roam around finding places to feed or sleep around the area of Lakeside . What gives them their name is that as soon as they find a place to settle, they have a pyroshark on guard to alert them of danger and give them time to escape. thee guards switch for what seems to be every hour what allows these pyrosharks to stay out of water for so long is their leathery skin, which absorbs water but doesn't release it, giving the shark a supply of water to breath through. They seem to have adapted to wear a sort of helmet on their heads, as though to try to scare off their prey or extra protection in case of a fight. there seems to have been a large group of these at one point, and might have elected a leader before this large group was destroyed. the reason we suspect this is that there is a lone sentinel pyroshark who's different from the others as he has smoke coming form his head, as if he had a higher rank than the other sharks.

The Alpha PyrosharkEdit

Discovered by Dr. Marxman, this subspecies of Pyroshark is much larger than the average one, with an attachment on its head baring symbols of the game chess. When it obtains 6 kills, it will boast the rank of king. Every Pyroshark nest is run by one of these sharks, as they are the ones that do the hunting for their infants. Their mates sometimes battle for dominance and favouritism of the Alpha, and its mates do not accompany it while it hunts. Unlike medisheep, the rank of Alpha Pyroshark is not earned by fighting. It is simply leader of the nest by default. When they encounter other Alphas, they make some communication with them, as they have no reason to kill other Alphas. They never practice cannabalism, and have even been seen to sacrifice themselves for their nest. There is only one of these creatures per nest, making them even more endangered. They are all male, and can have multiple mates, yet only one nest. It was thought that back in ancient times, they could hold millions in their nests. The highest number of sharks in a nest seen is 7000. It provides for its nest and possesses a set of kills unlike any other. Expect to see them in massive bodies of water. These creatures are protected by a team of Snipigs near their nests, in case of land attacks. These sharks seem to understand the Snipigs' cause, and will not harm them. The infant sharks almost never get to see the Alphas, due to their hunting. At the time of the hatching of the sharks, the Alpha will guard the nest, having already stocked up on food for its infants. If the waters are not plentiful, it will be able to survive on land for only a day before drowning to go hunt food. They are a force to be reckoned with and to be avoided at all costs. If you see one, simply find another route to your destination. They are highly endangered, so follow basic precautions. Recently, an Alpha Pyroshark was seen starting a nest of its own, with 5 infants, in Clocktown. Due to the fact there was a large moon looming over the city, its nest and it were in serious danger. It brought them underground, where they survived the massive collision. Many of the mercenaries residing in the town were killed, but some of the mercenaries that sought out to protect the sharks were allowed to join them in the underground cave-like sewers of Clocktown. The Alpha Pyroshark's intelligence is debatable, but it is proven to be over average when a sword wielding mercenary charged at them and the Alpha easily took him out. When the mercenary dropped his weapon upon death, the Alpha looked at his infants, told them to follow him, and they examined the corpse. It was then when the shark started saying "Sword" repeatedly. They do have basic knowledge of their predators and prey, which must help them in their hunting.

The Dead Bell Pyroshark Edit

This species of pyro shark is extremely aggressive and will attack anything, even spycrabs. They are very territorial and try to find other groups of pyrosharks to join. It is extremely rare to see an entire pack consist of Dead Bell Pyrosharks. Dead Bell Pyrosharks are not afraid to die keeping their territory safe from attackers. During mating season Dead Bell Pyrosharks will make sure that the place they are nesting in is ready for their mate before creating offspring. During this time when their mate is pregnant they will venture further outside of their nest than normal to find food, as their mate can no longer hunt. When a Dead Bell Pyroshark reaches adulthood it is evicted from the nest and must find a new place to nest, and mate. While they are searching for a new nesting area they will often seek refuge from Jellyneers.

The Clown PyrosharkEdit

Discovered by Pootis-Man, this subspecies of Pyroshark is smaller than the common Pyroshark, but possibly 

Clown pyroshark

The Clown PyroShark, a smaller, more aggressive subspecies

more dangerous. The Clown Pyroshark has bright markings around its face, a bright red nose, and hair-like extensions on its head, making it look like a sort of creepy clown, hence the name. The Clown is believed to attack other Pyrosharks if food is scarce, but lack of physical evidence makes this theory unlikely. Another thing that makes the Clown unique is its tendency to crawl onto land in an attempt to catch prey. However, it never stays out of water for long. Still. longer than normal sharks., as like all other Pyrosharks, it must stay in water to stay hydrated.

Latin Name: Possor Ignisturpis

The Sewer PyrosharkEdit

Information mostly provided by Mercy. Sewer Pyrosharks are the least known cousins of infamous Pyrosharks. They are combination of shark and reptilian, which makes them always appear with longer jaws and are better suited for travelling on land. They attack the same way like normal Pyrosharks, though their attacks are more dangerous due to their strength. They are larger, stronger and usually very friendly, using their method of eating fire energy (their only food) to put out those on fire. As they are very rare, they are hard to spot and thanks to great lack of males in this species and hunting, they are very near to complete extinction. In way of reproduction, they have to rely on their male cousins, which still isn't the most reliable way as the resulting baby could be a normal Pyroshark. It was believed that Sewer Pyros were supposed to be protectors of Pyroshark species due to their strength, but it seems it's only another subspecies that just develop a lot differently.

Latin Name: Cloaca Ignisturpis

Lampi Edit

The Lampi is quite rare because of other pyrosharks, but Lampis have successfully mated with pyrosharks.

Lampi have a chitin underside and normally have a wax candle on their head.

First sighted on rusty bucket bay on a cold morning, dew was on the bricks.

Lampis can live on land and water,

Water variety has the Neon

Land variety has the Axtinguisher.

To be one, you must wear:

Sengoku Scorcher

Mair Mask

Waxy Wayfinder

The Skull PyrosharkEdit

The Skull Pyroshark was believed to be a relic of old ages until they were found incubating in multiple ponds. The reason for their absence is because of the extinction of all others, so they had to incubate. Skull Pyrosharks are usually found in small packs or medium-sized tribes, they all have a instinctive set of rules which may vary over different tribes.A few SkullSharks have already exited their Chrysalises and they all have shown that they have quite a deadly set of skills, these creatures has been under close scanning. It seems that they can adapt to their environment quite quickly, a side note to this is that they are gifted with a unique trait of assimilation and they can invent weapons very well. Although most are still incubating, it is recommended to stay away and do no harm to them as they will attack when they believe they are in grave danger. Skull Pyrosharks have a skill set of the following: they can stay on land, sustain a higher jump when needed, at the cost of health or ammo, They also resemble the missing link from Pyro-Dragon to Pyroshark, skull sizes and color vary, Most Skull Sharks have horns coming out of their skull, They are able to breath fire for a short amount of time and Skull Pyrosharks wear any other trinkets, probably bones or attractive things, to attract mates and to show the world that they are tough, however not all of them are, they can also assimilate traits of others after eating a certain number of that one species.

How to become one: Edit

  • Any Flamethrower, excluding Phlogistinator.
  • Any Secondary
  • Neon Annihilator/Sharpened Volcano Fragment/Bat Outta Hell/Back Scratcher
  • Spine Tingling/Cooling/Chilling Skull or Pyromancer's Mask.
  • Badges, Boots, Backpacks, Necklaces, Grenades or anything that doesn't obstruct the skull.

The Mountain PyrosharkEdit

The Mountain Pyroshark is believed to be a mutated version of the Lightbulb Pyroshark. Unlike traditional Pyrosharks, the Mountain Pyroshark is equipped with a molten battle-axe. Not much is known about this species, but it is known to be extremely hostile, even going to the extremes of attacking fellow Pyrosharks, though this is rare due to being away from the water. The Mountain Pyroshark lives in tribes of 3. While this is a small number, they are typically specalised. 3 would burn their prey, while 2 would bite, but 1 would do both.

The Lightbulb PyrosharkEdit

Info provided by LightningJolt
Pyro shark

Lightbulb Sharks are known for being docile creatures.

Lightbulb Pyrosharks are a rare species of Pyroshark, in which the entire head is that of a large, luminescent lightbulb. They are known for swimming in the deepest part of the TF2 Oceans, but have also been spotted coming to land in search of food. The light produced from their heads help them hunt prey deep underwater, also to lure in prey, and distinguish them from the rest of the breeds. Lightbulb Pyrosharks are also known for being docile, unless provoked otherwise. They will hunt small fish, Spycrabs, Scewts, and occasionally humans if angered.  Due to the extremely docile nature of this subspecies of Pyroshark, if faced with another Pyroshark, it will usually leave it's pool of water in search of another or simply move to the other side of the pool. The Lightbulb Pyroshark is an endangered species, due to hunters taking advantage of it's luminescence and using it for their own personal needs. If faced with one of these fascinating creatures, think twice before shooting it!

As of October 6th of 2013 this rare species is no longer to be hunted. Latin name: Lumenbulbus Ignisturpis

Unusual PyrosharkEdit

A strange subspecies from a large amount of other sharks' breeding, which seems to be the
2014-03-02 00003

What the average Unusual Pyroshark looks like.

rarest Pyroshark in the world, considering there's only one, who calls himself Rodney. It appears that they have the Lightbulb from the Lightbulb Pyroshark (See above) but also a strange candle-like appendage.


Their arms have evolved in a way that they knock back their prey and predators, but has not been seen killing many. Unlike most Pyrosharks, they don't deliver an electric shock through their teeth. Instead, due to the fact that they don't have a mouth, they discharge electricity from their left hand, hinting that their hands work as conductors, which may be another reason for hunting. This species is going to go extinct if Rodney doesn't mate soon. Don't hunt this species, because you may be kicked from the server.  For more details about the species, see below at Rodney, The Endangered Species.

Latin Name: Insolita Ignisturpis

The Treasure PyrosharkEdit

Information Provided by Pycotich The Treasure Pyroshark is a rare species of Pyroshark that was discovered in Skyloft. It travels on its own with a treasure chest it finds from ship wrecks. They are often hunted for the contents of said chest. It is the weakest of the entire Pyroshark species, along with being the most cowardly. The poor Pyroshark often runs from other beings and only will kill those in it's path to safety. The have a defense mechanism as they love to collect skulls, the bigger ones it puts on it's head while the others it straps to its chest. It is noted that some TF2nimals are menaced by the skulls and ultimately will avoid said creature. Unlike other Pyrosharks, the treasure shark will often carry a flintlock or blunderbuss pistol that it found, mainly because of the shape. It uses this not to inflict damage but to set fire to multiple predators at once to distract them. New note: Lightbulb Treasure Pyrosharks have been discovered in Goldenrod, they may be tied with the megalopyroshark for the rank of rarest TF2nimal.


An Example of a treasure shark

Latin name: Thesaurum Ignisturpis Latin name for Lightbulb Treasure Pyroshark: Lumenbulbus Thesaurum Ignisturpis


Information provided by Niblic Megalopyrosharks are a critically endangered ancient cousin of the Pyroshark. They are about 2 times bigger than typical Pyrosharks and have horns protruding out of their eye sockets. They attack in the same manner as Pyrosharks and are capable of spitting out fluids heated to deadly temperatures. They are also capable of using the energy acquired from their food to quickly regenerate and rejuvinate themselves. Megalopyrosharks are extremely  hostile, willing to attack any creature and even resorting to attacking their own kind in order to eat them. The Megalopyroshark is psychologically incapable of reproduction because of the disprovening of the Theory of Phlogiston and the careful psychological conditioning of Megalopyrosharks by the ancient Greeks because "theireth reproductioneth useth Phlogiston, thereforeth it is not realeth enough!" (quote taken from journal of silly ancient Greece man, Sosupplycrates.) Because of this, Megalopyrosharks are near extinction with less than a hundred of their species remaining, unable to reproduce and highly aggressive to each other. This monstrous species is, unfortunately, predicted to become fully extinct within the next few years as all attempts to force two Megalopyrosharks to reproduce have been unsuccessful and have resulted in one of them killing the other. There is simply no hope left for these wonderful sea giants! Latin Name: Turpis Ignum Megala

Calor TiburónEdit

Information provided by Jebidijed

The Calor Tiburón is a rare species of Pyroshark that appears to be capable of walking on land, much like the Sewer Pyro. It is known to be much friendlier than other Pyrosharks, and will only attack if its children or itself is threatened. The thing that really makes the Calor Tiburón unique is that it has a warm, hard hump on its back. You may be asking, "why is this hump so interesting and fantastic?" The answer to that question is the fact that the Calor Tiburón can store food inside this hump and even cook it! They are often seen carrying around fresh meat from an unknown source, likely from a Spy or Heavy species. However, they have not been seen eating this meat in public, and the reason is unknown. They could've either forgotten that the meat was there or are too shy to eat it without privacy.

English Name: Heat Shark

Demon Pyroshark Edit

The Demon Pyroshark is a very rare pyroshark. These creatures mainly hunt in small groups. They eat everything except pyrosharks, these creatures will even attempt to hunt superior creatures.They can be seen in Sawmill. They have what seems to be devil like wings(The Fallen Angel), which is fatal to anything. Demon Pyrosharks are very prone to aggression, and if they were to be hit by any bodily fluids, god help you. These Pyrosharks actually have no eyes, and suggests that they use another sense to locate prey.They are very aggresive in water, and if they see any person or creature in the water what is not a pyroshark will get attacked.They have a some sort of skull maskto hide their Face(A "Your Last Breath" or the "Pyromancer's Mask")and the "Group Leader's" have a more colorfull mask than the other group members. Their breath is extremely deadly, as they breathe green fire, which is so strong, it can set fire to things underwater.

To be a Demon Pyroshark you need:

Female(Group Leader): Sub Zero Suit or Cute Suit,A Pyromancer's Mask Painted(EVERY PAINT) Style :Stylish Paint and a Fallen Angel

Male(Group Leader): Trickster's Turnout Gear or Lunatic's Leather or Steel Sixpack, A Pyromancer's Mask Painted (EVERY PAINT) Style : Stylish and a Fallen Angel

Female(Group Member or Normal): Every Misc(No Suit's), a Pyromancer's Mask (Unpainted or unpainted) and Fallen Angel(If the Pyromancer's Mask is painted you have to use the Style: Full Paint)

Male (Group Member or Normal): Sub Zero Suit or Cute Suit, Pyromancer's Mask (Unpainted) and Fallen Angel

Neon SharkEdit

Information provided by boomdagger

The neon shark is a semi-rare breed of pyroshark. They appear to be a crossbreed of the swamp shark and the common pyroshark. They are found in sawmill and 2fort. They have adapted the ability to fire their electricity long distances, and they use it to hunt when food is scarce. When food is extremely rare, such as in a famine, the Neon Sharks will come onto land in packs to hunt. They are called the Neon Shark because they appear to steal bright objects from victims, possibly to show dominance or atrract mates. Males appear to wear lime green colors, while females perfer gold. Required items: Degreaser Shotgun Neon annihilator Lime green cosmetics for males Australium gold cosmetics for females Latin Name: Neo Ignisturpis

Winter Pyroshark Edit

The Winter pyroshark is a pyroshark that has migrated to places like 2fort from the cold mountains. It has evolved to have fur on it's face and body to keep heat during the cold seasons. Nobody knows why they moved to hotter areas, or why they still have the fur. They still eat the same things as normal pyrosharks, but they can go for longer without food.


Any primary


Neon Annihilator


North Polar Fleece

Wartime Warmth

Candle PyroShark Edit

The Candle PyroShark is a rare breed of pyroshark that lives comfortably in wet and dark areas. The Candle Pyroshark was first discovered by a zoologist that was making his way down Teufort's sewers when he noticed a very bright red light illuminating the usually dark area. After much research on the creature, we have confirmed that the Candle Pyroshark is a kind of pyroshark thats quite docile while remaining quite aggressive also. The species is usually docile as long as its full, if the species is hungry it will attack anything in sight, no matter how big or small. While protecting its young it has a tendency to attack anything it deems worthy of being a threat. The species also must stay out of water that reaches higher than its head. Candle Pyrosharks only have to rely on a small amount of water to survive but if the water goes over its head and extinguishes the fire on the candle, it dies. To be a Candle Pyroshark: Waxy Wayfinder (Painted Team Spirit Optional) (Any Misc) Degreaser Shotgun Neon Annihilator

Armatura PyrosharkEdit

The Armatura Shark is a Pyroshark that wears an armor like shell along its head an torso, and also has teeth in a simularity to the Pyrahna. The shell on its torso keeps the creatures internal organ protected, while the shell on it's head is made for protecting it's eyes. Not much is currently known on the beast but we know it lives deep in the sea, along the seafloor, and has a luminescent chemical that comes from it's mouth and acts as a search light to compensate for it's bad eyesight. Musketeers of the Lost City used these Pyrosharks as a way to get armor for themselves in the time period of around 1000-1450 AD Requirements Spiral Sallet Hard headed hardware Steel six pack Latin Name: Ignis Arma Turpis English: Armor Pyroshark

Playground PyrosharkEdit

The Playground Pyroshark, also known Pyroland-Shark, is one of the friendly breed, but there is only 5000 documented to be alive. As of now some photos are present, so hopefully we can show the world this friendly little Shark breed. They are called the Playground Pyroshark for the fact that they love to be played with and as one of our Pyroshark experts says "We used to think they were so few in number, but we have found entire hives of them in larger maps


The Playground Pyroshark is a very small breed of Pyroshark and are found in two colors, Grey if they are a female, and tan if they are male. The female Playground Pyrosharks are able to come onto land in search of food and bits and peices like, sticks, metal, and bones. Females have very boney and gray heads and are very proctetive over there children, and they always take their children with them.They have beady eyes, faintly close to Doms. The males are master hidders, and can blend into most objects. They have smooth tan heads and mutible tiny eyes that can move around the males face area. Sadly the male can't breathe on land and must remain
2014-04-07 00003

A female Playground Pyroshark, out of the water

underwater at all times. They mainly live in larger colder areas, but some have been found in Teufort.
2014-04-07 00006

A male playground Pyroshark

Required items:

Male Only:Breather Bag painted Drab TictureGoogol Glass Eyes, Sub Zero Suit if wanted

Female Only: Last Breath or Rusty Reaper, Sight For Sore Eyes, Cremator's Conscience if wanted or Sub Zero Suit. Latin Name, Seriously: Oculis Capti Fodere Cubilia Ignisturpis

The Gentle Shark Edit

Information Provided by the leader of The Gentle Shark's known as The Gentle Cake. The The Gentle Shark is a endagered species of pyroshark that is discovered on 2fort but it can be found anywhere. It Is a friendly creature but it is very territorial if you come near it, it will attack if you come near it but it can be very friendly if it does not see you as a threat.

Required items

.Whiskered Gentlemen

.Stockbroker's scarf

.Modest pile of hat

Industrial PyrosharkEdit

First spotted in Rusty Bucket Bay, the Industrial Pyroshark is one of the hardiest animals in the known TF2-niverse. They can survive being frozen alive and can safely breathe in the noxious waters of Rusty Bucket Bay. Like the Sewer Pyro, they can crawl on land with little issue, the only catch is their lack of lungs. As long as they keep moist, they are completely safe to go on land. −

Required Items:Edit

  • Respectless Rubber/Robo Glove
  • Last Breath/Rusty Reaper
  • Rail Spikes (optional)

Cute PyrosharkEdit

Cute Pyrosharks were first spotted in Delfinoplaza, they tend to be adventurous and are rarely seen on land. Male and female C.P.S. (Cute PyroSharks) are only − hostile when attacked and can make great pets if captured correctly. what the male does is defend its family from: Boats, PyroShark hunters, and other hostile − tf2-nimals. What the female does is hunt food for the family and sometimes they use there cuteness to hypnotize the victim making them paralyzed and defenseless against the female Cute pyroshark. Required items: -The Cockfighter for males/Hotties hoodie for females -sight for sore eyes The cute suit

Blue, Red, And Green PyroSharkEdit

The Blue, Red And Green PyroShark are a more common sub-breed. They are mainly known for their intellect, tending to build mass hive like community, tend to be made out of stone, wood, coral, dirt, and sometimes bone. The BRG PyroShark comes in three colors, Red, Blue, And green, hence the name.


The personality of the BRG PyroShark is mainly due to the role given by leaders of the hive or tribe, but there are archetypes, we shall go into each one. Blue PyroSharks are more likely to destroy, and kill in some casses. The Blue PyroShark have been known to fight with Green and Red Pyrosharks, it's unknown why this happens. Blues also have better swiming power. Side note on the Blue BRG; the are rather stupid... The Red are more intellgent, and tend to build basses on shore lines. The Reds are commonly never away from their tribe/base. The Green PyroShark is by far the rarest of the BRG, only 20 known to man. It's hard to pin-point how most act. The Greens tend to travel via boat, which is the last fews only base. It's unknown wheither or not that the Green PyroShark is rare, or just a defect.


The BRG PyroShark is only really able to fight when harmed, but Blues will rush for boats and people.


The BRG PyroShark apears in three ways, one for each sub-sub-breed. 

Blue: The Blue PyroShark is a solid color of blue, with mainly blue soft skin.The Blue BRG Shark has very large webbed feet, they are better swimmers due to the feet. The Blue BRG has a rather large forehead, it is unknown if they use it for bashing or digging. It also has claws, but oddly they are not used for cutting, they are used for building. Items needed; Monster's Stompers, Abhorrent Appendages, Area 451 and tons of Team Paint of your choice.

Red: The Red PyroShark carries around some wood for housing on their back. The face of the Reds have extra set of gills, it's unknown why. Reds know how to wear clothing, and just find what ever they can, mostly burnt and discarded objects. Items needed; Vicious Visage, Tiny Timber, Scorched Skirt, Butt tons of team paint.

Green: Greens have very difrent ways of being shown, some apeer difrent the others, but all of them have a tail of some sort. The tail is belived to show gender or age. Despite the lack of full green, the name refers to it's green body parts, they have either red or blue bodies.

Possible items; One of the tails. Anything that can be green. Paint it green.

Samurai Pyroshark Edit

The Japanese Pyroshark is found in 2fort and Sawmill, and is rarely found in Well, and are also found in Suijin. They are lone sharks but sometimes form a group with other sharks. Japanese Pyrosharks are prone to agression and will even attack other Pyrosharks when food is scarce. Japanese Pyrosharks prefer to kill their prey in one hit but sometimes prey on the large and slow Hoovy. Their mortal enemy is the Solly, since they are easily killed by the Solly's rockets. Recent members of the species, however, are found to have evolved from carrying a flaregun to be carrying a shotgun to easily dispatch prey that fight back from a distance.

Japanese Pyrosharks wear a Cuirass (Sengoku Scorcher), a Kabuto with golden horns (Combustible Kabuto), and a Pyromancer's Mask. They prefer to use the degreaser when on land or when their prey fights back, the flare gun or a shotgun, and a neon annihilator. The species is currently becoming extinct due to lack of females and the inter-species isolation. It is wise to stay away, since these Pyrosharks are bloodthirsty and sure do pack a bite!

I've recently recoved a piece of cloth found in a chest near one of the Red sharks. The cloth it simply read, "esragral re nie dont hisz the rendelés"

Decoding will be gone into more.

Whiskered Floppyheaded PyrosharkEdit

Basic InformationEdit

The Whiskered Floppyheaded Pyroshark is one of the more rare species. It is known to be more hostile and more "sexually active". Sort of like an alpha male. They tend to find a mate and settle with them in the water. The creature is very protective of his mate and may even attack other males if they try to do anything to the mate.

Unlike most Pyrosharks, they seem to come out of the water more and seem to be calm and relaxed while on the surface, but as soon as they get back into the water, they become aggresive again.


This breed of pyrosharks are very Territorial around there area, they rarely move unless provocted or hungry.

They are much more agressive than the other breeds and can be extremely dangerous in more than 1, although this is highly unlikely because this breed is so rare.


This breed of pyroshark seem to chase after the victim, bobing up and down from the top of the surface of the water, they do this to try and drown the victim. They attack anything from boats to robots.

Looks and humans. It can type, and speak, though it rarely speaks unless around non-family and friends. Most FMS share a similar trait, though speak more often than the 'original' (they speak in English). The species seems also capable of wielding weapons, as it has been seen with a repainted and modified flare gun (Detonator; colored like Scorch shot outside of the game) and using it with surprising skill. It is apperently able to breath fire, (Flamethrower) as we found out after some testing by accident. Unless it senses the human in question may be offering peace, it will attack any human in the water. In famp on its head from the stone, it also had a weird green thing on its head.

Diet and Hunting

Though it seems to enjoy hunting, it has never been observed actually eating any of the corpses, actually swiming away or offering it to other Pyrosharks. It's diet is unknown, though as previously mentioned it is not hessitant at taking Sandvichs. It does seem to enjoy human food, as it likes chips and many other human foods. Spycrabs seem to be an ocassional exception as a nice treat. However, depending on how scarce food is, Spycrabs may be eaten upon site until the food they eat -whatever it may be- has replenished enough to be eaten again.

An FMS after eating a Spy Crab. Note the large blood stain on its face.

Realationships with Other Animals

Other relations with other animals just seem very confusing and seem to blow up what should actually be happening. Jellyneers' Neurotoxin seems ineffective againest FMS, though they will still ignore Jellyneers. FMS will acknowledge their existence and even assist in helping Jellyneers when needed. Sewer Medics seem to also be unable to control FMS, and the FMS completely ignores Sewer Medics all together. Heavydiles don't seem to target FMS as much as normal Pyrosharks, seeming to prefer standard Pyrosharks over the FMS. However, there have been occasions in which Heavydiles attempt to hunt the FMS. It seems to injure the FMS to the point in which it SEEMS dead, then the Heavydile will take a random or multiple limbs and swim away. The FMS will then sink, and go into a 'recovery mode', and will litterally sit for as long as a week while it slowly grows the missing limbs back (dies in-game, but nature always proves to bring out weird things). According to blood samples, there seems to be some sort of chemical in the FMS's blood that can only be found in it's guts and non-appendages. Dubbed 'Slug Blood', tests with Slug Blood show that Heavydiles grow very ill from this chemical, even dying within hours of ingesting. The Slug on it's head is found to contain this same  type of blood, which suggests that it is the source of the posion. Hoovy Whales are almost never targeted, and are usually only targeted if it is harrasing the PMS or -the more common case- getting too close to the 'home' of the FMS. Hoovy Whales get along very, very well with the FMS, and if given a Sandvich and their friendship is at a certain point they will even be allowed to get somewhat-close to the FMS' nest. We have yet to have successfully get a camera onto a Hoovy Whale to record the home, so we aren't too sure what it looks like. We aren't too sure why the Hoovy Whale suddenly behaves so much differently. It has been noted that often the Hoovy Whale often tries to intentionally remove the camera, even if it was trained to live with a camera on it. We are still researching why this is, as behavior like this is somewhat stange.

The 'Original' FMSEdit

The orignal Fireslug-Medkip Shark -who has named himself Pyrochu1770 and Medkip-

The 'Original'. Note the pet Pokemon.

is the one that allows itself to be tested. Although all of the species are surprisingly willing to be tested on, Pyrochu has been by far the most willing and effective on expirements, even going as far as to help with the testing himself! He is most often seen working in a red or blue color, but will change into yellow when he is not in the lab. He seems to has decent humor, is energetic, and admist the smarter specimen of his species. However, he has arguabley one of the worst tempers of the entire group of species, as we have found  out several times...


It is unknown how the Slug transfers offspring of itself onto other future-FMS. It is thought Slug Blood may have a possible influence in this, but we aren't entirely sure. It is known that FMS are very attached to sibilings and parents, and will often stay with parents longer than other Pyroshark species, even after being very well matured.

The Slug Edit

As mentioned before, it was found that Slug Blood seems to originate from the Slug that attached itself to the head of the FMS. Research of Slug Blood suggests that the Slug may not even be from the same Solar System. We attempted to do more tests, but then FMS attacked anyone that attempted to touch his Slug. It is thought the Slug may also have control of the FMS' brain, but not complete control. More exams found that it actually removes one brain chemical found in Pyrosharks which may be linked to aggressiveness and replaced with Slug Blood, suggesting that Pyrosharks may be a bit more similar in behavior without this chemical. Unfortunately, while trying to figure out exactly what this chemical was and what it did, FMS started breathing fire (which was an unknown ability prior to this incident), started a massive fire and burned the whole lab down to the ground. Thankfully, no one was killed, but the whole place was destroyed and all the specimen escaped their cages/tanks, though they did not wander too far. It is thought that while the Slug finds no use for the aggressive chemical, it is still willing to protect the secrets that lie within it.

Realationships with Other Animals

Other relations with other animals just seem very confusing and seem to blow up what should actually be happening. Jellyneers' Neurotoxin seems ineffective againest FMS, though they will still ignore Jellyneers. FMS will acknowledge their existence and even assist in helping Jellyneers when needed. Sewer Medics seem to also be unable to control FMS, and the FMS completely ignores Sewer Medics all together. Heavydiles don't seem to target FMS as much as normal Pyrosharks, seeming to prefer standard Pyrosharks over the FMS. However, there have been occasions in which Heavydiles attempt to hunt the FMS. It seems to injure the FMS to the point in which it SEEMS dead, then the Heavydile will take a random or multiple limbs and swim away. The FMS will then sink, and go into a 'recovery mode', and will litterally sit for as long as a week while it slowly grows the missing limbs back (dies in-game, but nature always proves to bring out weird things). According to blood samples, there seems to be some sort of chemical in the FMS's blood that can only be found in it's guts and non-appendages. Dubbed 'Slug Blood', tests with Slug Blood show that Heavydiles grow very ill from this chemical, even dying within hours of ingesting. The Slug on it's head is found to contain this same  type of blood, which suggests that it is the source of the posion. Hoovy Whales are almost never targeted, and are usually only targeted if it is harrasing the PMS or -the more common case- getting too close to the 'home' of the FMS. Hoovy Whales get along very, very well with the FMS, and if given a Sandvich and their friendship is at a certain point they will even be allowed to get somewhat-close to the FMS' nest. We have yet to have successfully get a camera onto a Hoovy Whale to record the home, so we aren't too sure what it looks like. We aren't too sure why the Hoovy Whale suddenly behaves so much differently. It has been noted that often the Hoovy Whale often tries to intentionally remove the camera, even if it was trained to live with a camera on it. We are still researching why this is, as behavior like this is somewhat stange.


A subspecies within a subspecies. No this is not inception, though it almost seems like it doesn't it? Known as the Fire-Medkip/Mudkip Slug Hard Hat, about 1/3 of the population do not have a Slug on their head, but a very very thick, army-green, oversized skull (Bone Dome). X-Rays show that the Slug, in this case, attached itself directly to the Slug's brain, and then made the skull thicker to allow for extra


A rare shot of a FMSHH underwater. Photos of any Pyroshark underwater are extremely hard to get, and the cameraman who snapped this was mauled after taking this photo.

protection. And this stuff is tough. A .50 cal does nothing, and a tank shell (a non-explosive one) puts only a minor dent. This is a fasinating discovery, and has put this into even more intersest. The Fire-Medkip Slug Hard Head is by far a unique specimen, and may eventually wipe out almost all the other FMS. However, this would not be a result of extinction but a result of evolution. As such, 1,000s of years from now, the FMS may become the oddball. However, it is known that unless something wipes out all FMS they will still exist. It acts idenitical to the FMS, except it has a tendency to use the thick skull to an advantage...almost like a  small shield. Head-butting has been a commonly found trait.


  • Primary: Flamethrower, Degreaser, or Rainblower
  • Secondary: Detonator
  • Melee: Neon Anillator
  • Hats: Triboniophorus Tyrannus (any color you wish), Bone Dome (FMSHH only; any color) 

Hunter pyroshark: The hunter pyroshark is a newer speicies that, unlike other pyrosharks relys heavily upon its Shotgun. This species is mainly found in the waters of 2fort, sujin, and sawmill, and has 3 clan-like groupes that patrol each area. These pyrosharks are reconized by their clan colored head prizes, and decorated pyromancer masks. They can also be classifed by thier differnt behaviours, for example black hunters are more aggressive than purple or white hunters. Within these clans there are differnt ranks. Here are the known ranks listed from lowest to highest: Grunt: cosmetics- uncolored or clan colored head prize, stock shotgun, neon anillator, and any flame thrower except the phlog and backburner. Scout: cosmetics- clan colored head prize, panic attack, power jack, back burner. Soldier: cosmetics- clan colored head prize, uncolored pyromancer mask, any shotgun, neon anillator, any flame thrower except the back burner. Guard: cosmetics- clan colored head prize, fullcolored pyromancer mask, painic attack, neon anillator or back scracher, degreaser or stock. Alpha: cosmetics- clan colored head prize, stylish decorated pyromancer mask, any flame thrower, any shot gun, neon anillator.

As mentioned above there are 3 clan-like groupes of hunter pyrosharks

Bone PyroShark Edit

The Bone PyroShark is an extremely rare PyroShark, documenting only 2 in existence. This species seems

Bone PyroShark

An artist's representation of how this being looked before the species was almost wiped to the face of extinction.

easily swayed. They are very friendly towards other people and TF2-nimals. They will only attack if only they are in danger. They will not hesitate to chase down enemies, or do anything to protect themselves. Bone PyroSharks are very protective over their nests. They have fully colored faces with one horn, seemingly that the other one always breaks off at birth. Because of these faces, they are told to be related to the Pyragon. These beings are very quick in water, but even faster on land. They can stay on land for immense amounts of time, unlike other PyroSharks. Most of the time, they are in no mood to kill, or do anything really. They just want to wander around and sit near friendly people. These are also rumored to be related to an old species of PyroShark, the Desert PyroShark. This rumor came up when they had similiar faces and abilities to those of the Desert PyroShark. They have an outside layering of a protective skull, presumably removable. There is no telling if there are more of this sub-species, but this is no mystery the researchers will take to their graves. A Bone PyroShark specialist, Essentials who is a Bone PyroShark himself, is bent on figuring out more on this species.

Latin Name: Bone Ignusturpis


Backburner, Detonator/Shotgun, Neon Annihilator, Pyromancer's Mask (Any paint)(some have been wearing last breath)

Desert PyroShark Edit

The Desert PyroShark is one of many PyroSharks that may walk on land freely. It can seemingly stay out of

Desert PyroShark

The Desert PyroShark

water for lengthened amounts of time, since they are used to the dry lands of their original habitat, the desert. They will only pursue attackers, but only if provoked. They mainly run around in shallow, sometimes deep, waters. They are still strong in their habitat, despite their preference swimming in shallow waters. Hunters are rarely seen around these subspecies, since their habitat is mainly dry and dusty.

These PyroSharks are very mystical, since they are usually found outside of water. There are some of these PyroSharks that only live on land, but they don’t survive for that long. There have been recordings of living Desert PyroSharks like these, but those were outdated. The only one recorded still alive, but still goes in the water, is a little PyroShark called “Ol’ Dusty”. This older PyroShark has a long history.

Latin name: Derelinguo Ignisturpis

REQUIRED ITEMS: The Flamboyant Flamenco, The Last Breath, El Muchacho, any flamethrower, any flare gun, and the Neon Annihilator 

Murky Pyroshark Edit

The Murky Pyroshark is a rare subspecies of Pyroshark that was once believed to be an amphibian, Although this was proven false.

These creatures seem to be a less evolved subspecies of Pyroshark, And also one of the few to attack other Pyrosharks.

Due to the rarity of these creatures not much is known about them as of yet. If anyone can gather Information, Pictures, Videos or even specimens, Please add your knowledge to this page.

Requirments: Edit

  • Viscous Visage
  • Abhorrent Appendages


Chef Pyroshark Edit

A relatively new breed of Pyroshark, the Chef Pyroshark was first officially spotted secretly inhabiting the pool of a cruise liner. Reports of this breed first came in when those working on the ship's kitchen reported missing cooking items.

This breed seems to be very well-versed in human technology, especially in the culinary arts. Unusually for other breeds of their species, Chef Pyrosharks seem to actively want to engage in a symbiotic relationship with humans as they will ocasionally use their cooking abilities, learned through observation and experimentation, to make food for humans in their immediate area. Though this is their normal behavior, Chef Pyrosharks that are mistreated on multiple occasions will not hesitate to attack their abusers, regardless if they're human or not. Due to their collective nature of culinary items, Chef Pyrosharks have evolved with the ability to stay on land longer than most other members of their species. In the wild, Chef Pyrosharks can usually be seen using large pieces of ham or kitchen utensils for self-defense. Most commonly seen is the frying pan.

This breed is usually seen wearing what appears to be a toque, or more commonly known as a chef's hat. They also will carry around containers of ingredients such as various spices and seasonings, including but not exclusive to, pepper, hot sauce, and chili peppers. The spices and seasonings owned seem to vary from Pyroshark to Pyroshark, mostly dependant on what items nearby kitchens and restaurants have.

If someone is to come across food made by a Chef Pyroshark it is advised that they do not eat it. Despite their good intentions Chef Pyrosharks have different tastes than humans do, meaning that some dishes they make can possibly be harmful or even deadly to humans.

Relationships Edit

Studies show that Pyrosharks are not always the ones to start a fight. Rather, sometimes they try to avoid confrontation, depending on the species it meets. Here is a list of what Pyrosharks will and will not attack: −


  • spysharks (it is how they almost went extinct..)
  • Spycrabs (C'mon! These are eaten by everyone!)
  • Humans (Yeah, I'm talking about you!)
  • Hoovy Gerbils (Pyrosharks jump at the chance of this easy food, because Gerbils are weak even on land)


  • Other Pyrosharks (The Pyroshark hardly ever goes cannibalistic except from when starved of food, This counts Sewer Pyros too!)
  • Sniperdiles (One of the few creatures that doesn't fight, but is not targeted)
  • Sewer Medics (Thought to be related, and can control the sharks)
  • Heavydiles (The Pyroshark is the main food source of the Heavydile, and therefore not able (or allowed) to fight it unless it is desperate)
  • Jellyneers (They excrete a neurotoxin that has a hypnotic effect on tf2nimals, including Pyrosharks; it causes them to ignore predator and prey).
  • Scoutbird (Well Pyrosharks help'em off water)
  • The CP3-Port-Toas (Natural allies, and who doesn't want to be friends with a toaster?)

Hunter Pyroshark Edit

The Hunter Pyroshark is classified by it's constant use and reliance of shotguns, and using different melee weapons other than the neon annihilator. Another notable difference is the different colored fox skins, and bone masks they wear. (head prize and pyromancers mask/last breath.) Hunter Pyrosharks are very crafty, and are normally found in groups of 2-5. This species of Pyroshark is most commonly found in suijin, 2fort, and sawmill, and have formed 3 clan like groups that live in each map. Within these clans The Hunter Pyrosharks have developed a rank system that changes how different members behave in the pack.

Here is a list of the known groups:

Black hunters: Black hunters are distinguished by their black head prizes, and extremely aggressive nature.(A Distinctive lack of hue, paint color) Black hunters are extremely aggressive and will attack any living think that enters their territory, even other Pyrosharks. Sadly this nature leads to the death of thousands each year, and for their protection should be avoided at all costs. Black hunters tend to reside in the lakes of sawmill, but there have been sightings at lakeside, and 2fort. (sadly most of the slighters were killed in the process)

Purple hunters: Purple hunters are distinguished by their purple head prizes, and confusing nature.(A deep commitment to purple, paint color) Similar to both the Black hunters, and White hunters, this species of group of hunters can either be passive, or aggressive. It has been theorized that purple hunters are the offspring of white and black hunters, making them relatively rare in the wild, there is only one known in existence. ( named :3 by an unknown zoologist) So far this species only lives in 2fort, but are being studied to see if they live any were else.

White hunters: White hunters are distinguished by their white head prizes, and docile nature.(An Extraordinary abundance of tinge, paint color) White hunters are very friendly, and instead eat the grass near the waters of suijin. Because of their docile nature they are constantly thrown out by other, more aggressive, Pyrosharks. They have also become a popular specimen for new zoologist to study. These Pyrosharks have become endangered in recent years, due to the illegal hunting of them.

Here is a list of the ranks that the Hunters have developed(from lowest to highest):

Grunt: Grunts wear a group colored head prize, and use the stock shot gun, neon annihilator, and the degreaser. Grunts are the most common type of Hunter killed due to their lack of skills.

Scout: Scouts wear a group colored head prize and a firefly. They wield a panic attack, powerjack, and a back burner. Scouts are often by themselves, and in search of new territory, because of this most scouts are tracked by zoologists to see if they will create a new settlement.

Solider: Soldiers wear a group colored head prize and an unpainted pyromancers mask. They use the stock shotgun, or the reserve shooter, neon annihilator, and the stock flame thrower. Soldiers are meant to protect the nests, and kill trollgers/soldiers (Hunter Pyrosharks worst enemy). Because of their purpose they are near the center of the base, and are often killed by heavies, and snipers. (who have an advantage over them)

Guards: Guards wear a group colored head prize and a full color pyromancers mask (any color). There will normally be only 1-2 guards per pack of Hunters. Guards wield the panic attack, Back scratcher/neon annihilator, and the degreaser. Guards' main goal is to protect the alpha. If the alpha dies then one of the 2 guards takes the alpha's place. (depending on who wins a rock paper scissors match or survives.)

Alpha: Alpha Hunters are rare and wear a group colored head prize, and a stylish designed pyromancers mask (any color, but so far drably olive, and yellow are the only 2 known colors). Alphas can use any shotgun, the neon annihilator, and any flamethrower. Each pack of Hunters has 1 Alpha, who leads the group, and protects the nest. Alphas are very rare, and only one has been sighted so far. Hunting alphas is prohibited unless they attack you first.

Rodney, The Endangered SpeciesEdit

Rodney is an endangered species that is said to be a mix of a Lightbulb pyroshark and almost all the other subspecies. It is thought to be that Rodney was illegally sold on TF2 outpost for a bud and mixed with the genes of other Pyrosharks. Whatever the cause, Rodney now appears as a normal Lightbulb Pyroshark, but with a candle-like appendage on his head, which heats his body and powers his lightbulb, allowing him to walk a distance from his water. It also appaears that he has evolved Quickly. His body now seems to house a Cube of some sort through a Black Hole. It does not affect him, as it seems, but It shows that he can easily and quickly adapt to a situation.


Like some Pyrosharks, Rodney's right hand is replaced with a Grey appendage with a orange nozzle. It launches flaming orbs that knock enemies back and set them on fire!

2014-03-28 00002

Rodney, in his mating Pose.


Although Rodney has been studied and recovered from TF2 outpost, he still attacks anything that attacks him, and his prey and predators like normal.  −


Whatever the cause of his mysterious candle thing, one thing is for sure. Rodney is the only one of his kind, and they are attempting to get him to breed with others, allowing to make more of his subspecies. Hunting of him may be resulted in being kicked from the server. Think twice before you shoot!


Rodney has been documented as a new subspecies called the Unusual Pyroshark! If you mate with Rodney, the child will be in the WaterFlame Bloodline.


Rodney is the only one of his kind, and is required to mate. Even he knows it. Desperate efforts to mate may have a success. One Test may be conducted to see if Rodney and Scoots will mate. Rodney knows what should be done and has agreed to it. Items: Filamental, Scorch Shot, Backburner, Waxy Wayfinder, Genuine Companion Cube Pin

Mated Edit

It has appears that Rodney has successfully mated with an unusual pyroshark. He has yet to reveal her name but apparently she is pregnant and they are going to have children. They met one day at Rodney's home ctf_viking_final when rodney was about to catch a scewt, But then another pyroshark jumped out and caught it. She then realized that Rodney was going to catch the scewt for himself. She quickly apologized and gave the scewt to Rodney. However Rodney had noticed her amazing skills for catching prey, he also realized that she was an unusual pyroshark, which Rodney had genetics extremely similar to. Before she wandered off Rodney asked if they could hunt together and see if they could assist in survival. She said yes, and they begun their journey. After a few weeks Rodney had gotten curious of what her backstory was. He did not agree to share it with us. After months spending with her, they had gotten feelings for each other and they decided to mate, and what a shock she was pregnant. That is all we know about their story. They said they were going to be twins.

Unfortunately, Scoots and Dusty have died and Rodney's life has fallen apart. Rodney doesn't know what to do, and with the outbreak of the Disease... He could be next. OUTDATED INFORMATION: Scoots and Dusty are fine.

Scoots, The LiquifernoEdit

Scoots the Pyroshark is a rare mixture of many of the breeds, and we have yet to find out entirely which ones. Scoots claims to be from the Sewer and Clown breed, but new studies on
2014-03-31 00001

Scoots as normal.

him show that he has many genetic defects such as, his skin and his strange facial area. 


Scoots was first found wondering the sewers of Teufort alone as a child, A Scout began to follow him to see if he was alright. In natural instinct, Scoots killed it and then began to feed. People who viewed this then captured him and brought him to scientists, after a few years of being examined, mistreated and abused, Scoots managed to escape into freedom, after only killing 7 of the guards in his hatred.

Meeting with RodneyEdit

In Scoots' teenage years he was picked up by a group of Pyroshark experts who brought him to Rodney, The Endangered Species. They became friends after that, and due to the new found friendship, Scoots lightened up in life and went through with being examined. Scoots is now just hanging about with Rodney. Scoots is now running from the most of the world on the account of a bounty on his head of 56 buds. We are unsure why this is though, but Scoots claims that this is because of no good reason. We just got some new docs in on Scoots nature and what he really thinks and knows, we still have no info on where it's from. Scoots is able to breath above water for a short amount of time, Scoots flesh is harder the most other Pyrosharks and thus more heavy. We've also found samples of their blood and it's has a odd black slimish tint and texture and we have found it to be unhealthy to most other Pyrosharks. "I just don't see why having so many defects makes me any different." ---Scoots "Sure, defects are the opposite of evolution. But does that make Scoot any less of a nice guy?" - Rodney (side note: His name isn't scoots the liquiferno, It's actually ScootstheUnusualPyroshark)

Rabbit, the Bone Pyroshark Edit

About half a year after the death of Nix the Pyroshark, an amazing discovery was made. A Bone Pyroshark was found. Sure, it's an endangered species and all that. But the amazing thing was- it had the EXACT. SAME. Sheen on its fins that Nix did. It even had a tie that belonged to Essentials himself, which he had gave to Nix. Upon closer inspection and DNA tests, it has been discovered that Nix had evolved into some incredibly strange mutation of a Bone Pyroshark.

Differences Edit

Rabbit was named after the animal, a Rabbit for the reason that he's capable of propelling himself through the air with a powerful jump, which he likes to do.

Rabbit uses a different form of attack on land than most Pyrosharks. For example, rather than propelling a ball of fire, it takes a moment to prepare to regurgitate gastric acid, which is capable of severely burning, if not killing an enemy.

Appearance Edit

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 5.17.46 PM

Rabbit is a fairly skinny Pyroshark. Unlike Nix, he has no blubber at all. He has the face of a stereotypical Bone Pyroshark, with markings that change. When in his typical mood, he has two triangles under his eyes. When battling or competing, he has a very fancy pattern all over his face. When caring for another, his entire face becomes flush with color.

He appears to have a single antler which arises from his head. It does however appear to be splitting.

Behaviour Edit

Rabbit is a mostly hostile creature, and will attack basically anything that attempts to oppose him. When threatened with something reflective or loud, he will often jump away and attempt to flee.

Nix the PyrosharkEdit

Nix is a member an unknown species of pyroshark. He is the first of his kind to be discovered.


Nix has a large amount of blubber, a white head and very large eyes. He is often mistaken for a female, since he often shows his blue coloring, however, he is obviously a male. Though, sometimes, he will show his red color. It is unknown what allows him to change his color.
Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 7.06.14 PM

Nix, as he appears


Essentials discovered this peculiar Pyroshark while swimming in the shallow waters of Hotsprings. He asked Nix to run tests on him to find his species, but Nix did not respond, coming to the assumption that Nix cannot speak. There is not much else known about this specific Pyroshark, but we continue to look for any information about these Pyrosharks. Nix has begun to follow Essentials mistakening him for his father. Essentials has then made the decision to begin taking care of him.
Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 10.07.25 AM

A White Nosed Pyroshark Jamming Out

Eating habitsEdit

Nix is a very curious Pyroshark, and he will often eat most things he finds. However, he does not actually prefer meat. He will often eat berries and occasianally some arachnids(Preferably spiders). He will chase a Spycrab now and then but mostly chases them rather than eating them, though sometimes he will. He often looks for mercenaries for food, when he's hungry and no berries or arachnids are available. Other than that, he is a very friendly, playful Pyroshark.

Theories about NixEdit

Scientists have been thinking that he may be from a very cold place, such as the arctic, which explains his large amount of blubber. However, since Nix has a white head and white reflects light, mean while black turns it to heat, they are debating this theory.

Species found!Edit

Scientists have just recently discovered that Nix is a White Nosed pyroshark. These pyrosharks only appear in cold places, and are blue (except for mutations). Under no circumstances, except for if they are migrating to another cold place, will they stay in warm areas. [For the sake of RP, please only play as a White Nosed Pyroshark in snowy or icy maps]. 

Unfortunate News Edit

It is a recent discovery that Nix has passed away due to an unknown cause. He lived a beautiful life, and made very many friends. Nix shall be remembered as a Pyroshark for generations, we hope.

Unknown cause discovered Edit

A type of oil that makes the White Nose Pyroshark get extremely sick and it is found that the mercenaries weapon sheen oil has somehow been discovered and eaten by this species of Pyroshark. The oil causes Pyrosharks to have a sheen on their fins and the oil will cause them to get bone cancer

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 5.40.24 PM

Nix discovers the green sheen on his fins

Biolizard, the Prototype Edit



A photo of Biolizard

Biolizard was an ordinary Lightbulb Pyroshark until one day she was abducted and genetically altered by a group of Engineers and a Medic to create genes that will cure the deathly ill, the kind of illnesses that can't be cured by any normal Medical Beam. Afterward she underwent countless tests. She started to develop human womanlike breasts which would supply the Miracle Genes, and developed a strange attraction to the color Pink, which is still being researched. She is allowed to freely roam around Sawmill and do whatever she pleases. Her nature tends to be rather aggressive but she can be docile at times, letting other Pyrosharks to roam around her waterfall cave home.

Being a Lightbulb Pyro Shark makes her illegal to hunt, but being a one-of-a-kind Shark leads to hunters targeting her, hunting her without thinking about the consequences.

If you want a safe place to rest, good food, and a chance for other Animals, join the Guild Of The PyroSharks! Edit

It's a steam Group where me (Rodney) Scootaloo, and Dom are moderators. Also, Scoot's a Brony, so if you don't like bronies.. Try to not get it past you.

Pockey, The Defender PyrosharkEdit


Pockey wears a green color hat along with a hockey mask. There are rumors that he wears a hockey mask to cover up a facial scar he got from defending a Hive of Jellyneers from a Heavydile attack. 



As their name implies, Defender Pyrosharks are very defensive.They are fearless warriors who will do anything to defend their fellow Pyrosharks.  Defender Pyrosharks also defend Jellyneers, and Scoutbirds alike. They are fearsome Pyroshark willing to do anything in their hands to protect their fellow Pyroshark.


The Defender Pyrosharks are said to be an ancient type of Pyroshark that defends other Pyroshark especially the Alpha. Pockey is said to be one of the last few Defender Pyrosharks.


Pockey was discovered in a Jellyneer's Hive in  the sewers 2Fort. He was helping defend against a Heavydile. When first seen they could'nt tell what species of Pyroshark he was. Like Nix, Pockey is the first of his kind to be discovered.

Xeskey The Alien Pyroshark Referred to as the most rare species of pyroshark, this pyroshark only appears in 2fort and is friendly if shown kindness. Not much is known about this pyroshark. but it does have 2 stalk eyes and a brain seen inside the head.

Ecto, Ghostly Pyroshark Edit

Ecto is the name for a specific Pyroshark that has been sighted in numerous locations, A thing that is noticeable from audio, is that it's male.

Theories Edit

The main theory as to how he came into existence is that he managed to escape the underworld and just so happened to get a mini Bombinomicon, a Degreaser, A Scorch Shot, and an unusual Little Buddy with the smoking effect. Ecto and his species are almost entirely theoretical, as he doesn't show up in photos. Most claim, however, that he smells like bacon, can possess food (Bacon seems to be most preferred) and other mercenaries at times to drown them and eat them (Except other pyros), and stalks it's prey with any hiding areas it can find. Nobody is sure if he can phase through solid matter, as it has never been proven to happen.

Behavior Edit

Ecto is extremely unpredictable, sometimes he's harmless, sometimes he leaps out of the water and tries to chase certain targets a short distance and kill them.

Bulby The Super Lightbulb PyroShark Edit

Bulby was a friend of Ecto, and was a subspecies of a Lightbulb Pyroshark, Bulby Gained Her Super Good eyes when she was born, they had let her see far where other pyrosharks couldn't.

Bulby was also as 2x as strong, no one was able to take a photo, or dared to when she was alive. She was killed by a Gibus Sniper.

Entose, The Iron Skull PyroShark Edit

Entose is an ancient Skull PyroShark who has developed metallic bones and skin when he incubated. He primarily roams the wetlands of Sawmill and 2fort though he often travels to far away lands when food is scarce. He can understand the English language and can speak a broken form of it, consisting of incomplete sentences.

Background and Biology Edit

Entose was injured while out hunting food for his group. He was forced to form a chrysalis away from his home, in a small body of water we know today as the waterfall cove in Sawmill. The river connecting to the waterfall is rich in sediment and bits of minerals were washed down into the cove. Over a long period of time while Entose was incubating, the tiny bits of mineral were washed through the small cracks in his Chrysalis and eventually through an open wound. Multiple mineral types came into contact with stem cells regenerating his wounded body at once, and slowly they took over the process, changing his bone and skin to a strange alloy of metal only found on his body. His body changed from white to gray when this happened. He also lost the ability to generate Sperm, so he cannot procreate. Millennia upon Millennia later he emerged,and eventually left for a larger body of water only a short while before Biolizard began roaming the area. He sometimes returns to Sawmill to search for food. He is able to preform the standard shock attack most PyroSharks are capable of. He lost his ability to breathe fire when he underwent his transformation. However, he can fire off sharp bits of metal from his hands that are regrown by the metallic stem cells found in his body.

Behaviour Edit

Entose is usually docile, only attacking when threatened or hunting for food. He roams the lands of 2fort and Sawmill looking for food. When food is scarce he leaves for more distant lands, usually Watchtower and the large desert lake next to Lakeside when desperate. He is aware that he is unnatural and has memories of when he was a normal Skull PyroShark. He is a shy creature who prefers to be alone, and can usually be found that way. On rare occasions he will speak to humans, but only when spoken to first. His voice can be described as the sound of a clanging radiator. He prefers to kill his prey as quickly as possible, never playing with his food. He does this not out of bloodthirst, but out of genuine empathy for his prey, not wanting it to suffer. He is often hunted for his metal which scientists hope to recreate, which is one of the reasons he chooses not to show himself often.

Lucky The Magical Pyroshark Edit

Lucky is a brand new Pyroshark seen first on the date 6/28/2017. His skin has evolved and became lumpy, and more strong, covering the bottom part of Lucky's face up until the "jaw" section, where a zipper is. Lucky has magic properties in his skin, as at the end of his forearms and calf(s), there are small green sections that change colors. Lucky's gibus might be the source of this, as it's a more dominant green Ghostly Gibus that shifts between colors.


A Very Blurry Picture of Lucky.

Why is it "Magical"? Edit

Lucky has the power to feign death, like some of the Spy species can, except Lucky can do this to "respawn" without injuries, but it weakens Lucky by a lot. Lucky also was born with a unique form of attack, evolving a hammer as his attack to intruders, but it is weak against intruders, unlike his other Pyroshark bretheren. To counter this, Lucky's right hand has evolved to a nozzle/shotgun-like weapon that let's Lucky propel himself in the air for a short time, albeit hurting him for a short time. (not shown in image). he also almost knows all of the English language, but says words like Delicious as Delishus, etc.

Recently Discovered Pyrosharks Edit


The Reindeer Pyroshark Edit

A almost extinct pyroshark recently discovered by jimosuna They are neutral/agressive pyrosharks found on teufort blu sewers he went by the name of red and he was seen playing with his weapon as a guitar.

The cosmetics needed: Edit

The only one you need is pyro the flamedeer

The Fancy Pyroshark Edit

Another quite rare pyroshark There were 2 found and they were agressive on and off, they sometimes played guiter with red a bit. They know that they are fancy and they have pride in it and them being such a unique sub species.

The cosmetics needed: Edit

The cosmetics are mostly had related and the hats you could wear are: Madame Dixie,Modest pile of hat,Tipped lid,Viva La France,Ebenezer, Noble Amassment of hats and the towering pillar of hats,Killer exclusive,Federal Casemaker and the cotton head.They can also wear the Summer hat, The gibuses, the full head of steam, and the Gentle munitionne of liesure, but they dont like the gibuses and the 2 map hats because of them being inferior to theirs and they don't like the summer hat because of the colors and its style not being fancy And they Amassment and the Towering pillar of hats are good because it shows that they have many fancy hats

And for Misc they can wear tuxxy or the stock brokers scarf but with the tuxxy they can also just wear the stock broker with the tuxxy itself, and with the stockbrokers scarf they can wear the Sweet Smissmas Sweat or the Pyromancer's Raiment's and for gasmask the can wear the default, The Foster's Facade or the Wartime Warmth.

The woolly/fur pyroshark Edit

These slightly aggressive pyrosharks are known to reside in any water body and they can survive out of water longer then a normal pyroshark, however when they are out they will last longer in colder environments they cans still go out in heat but for a shorter amount of time, They have been known to go in packs, but some either want to live alone, got abandoned or kicked out which seems to happen a lot since there are alot of sing woolly sharks. One thing that is interesting is that they have been known to breed with Fancy pyrosharks sometimes, resulting into pyros with woolly coats and fancy hats sometimes with a tie

Cosmetics needed: Edit

For gas masks they wear the wartime warmth and for coats they wear the north polar fleece and on almost non existent occurrence they wear the sweet smissmas sweater

The Abomination pyrosharks Edit

Extremely rare pyrosharks that are mostly agressive and are known to scare creep mercs out they have a bizarre head shape there origin is unknown but they might be a lab experiment gone wrong, they have sometimes been seen bonding with other pyrosharks

Cosmetics needed: Edit

They always use the Area 451 and that is the only thing that they need.

Beach girl pyrosharkEdit

Beach Girl Pyroshark


Brutal Bouffant (Australium Gold, Cream Spirit, or Die Job)


Scorch Shot

Neon Annihlator

It is rather docile and will only attack if TF2nimals or the Mercs harm it or come dangerously near it. It can live in harmony with other TF2nimals, even Gibuses!

Unknown/Unconfirmed Pyrosharks Edit

Unknown Pyroshark #1 Edit

A species consisting of only one, this unknown creature is found in bodies of water in parts of Australia. It would never leave it's body of water, unless food is needed. The pyroshark's method of attack is to lure the creatures into the water with a launcher projectile attack, and finish them off with a bite. No pictures have been taken of this creature as it will attack almost everything that enters it's waters.

Unknown Pyroshark #2 Edit

This is not a species, more of a placeholder for pyrosharks that do not appear to be of any known sub-species. Often called 'Generic Pyrosharks', these have many characteristics, and some are even amphibious! Pyrosharks placed in this category will almost always be classified as a new sub-species, and moved out of this category. This is also a placeholder for pyrosharks that haven't been witnessed yet, and would be categorized as a new sub-species. There is currently consideration to categorize a new species for amphibious 'pyrosharks'.

Unknown Pyroshark #3Edit

Hello Im a researcher of Pyrosharks and I believe I have found a genetic mutation in Pyrosharks of Watergate. These Pyrosharks seem to be highly aggressive and always seem to hunt beer.. Some of my colleagues have called it the WaterGate Breed as their primary source of drink is for unkown reasons, Beer. I have found one of their nests in one of the far corners of the waters and they behave differently to their close relative the Common Pyroshark. Once the young is born, the mother and father dump the child in a pool of beer and feed the young lots of beer. From what I have seen most of the young dont survive due to Alcohol Poisoning and some even go cannibalistic and eat their parents. They are also seen stealing beer from Demomen but I am unsure wether its a Breed or a Genetic Mutation. - Anonymous researcher

Unknown Pyroshark #4Edit

There seems to be a new kind of Pyroshark about- Their faces aren't unlike that of the Skull Pyroshark or even the thought-to-be extinct Bone Pyroshark, but the rest of their heads are transparent. Ghostly, if you will. We've only seen silhouettes of these specific kinds of Pyrosharks which look a little different both in colouration and in features, but retain the bony face and transparent head.

Unknown Pyroshark #5Edit

I have playing 2fort lately, and there seems to be a common
Pyroshark, that lures enemies in with one of it's attack (Shotgun), then finishes them off (Neon Annihilator). It lures and kills everything that enters the water. I do not have any evidence at the moment, but I'm still working on it. - an anonymous researcher