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A common, male Pyrofalcon.

Ignus-Aquila, or more commonly known as the Pyrofalcon is a very rare and odd creature from the Ignus family. They inhabit the outer-space regions of the badlands, specifically CTF_FacingWorlds, and RD_Asteroid. Their main feature is the fact that they can fly, but only in short bursts. We think that the Pyrofalcons inhabit low gravity locations to boost their flying capabilities. They have vestigal wings, which are rendered useless by the Pyrofalcons ability of short flight.

Behavior Edit

Pyrofalcons are fairly docile creatures, only ever attacking in self-defense or in hunting season. They are quite sociable as well, being able to grunt some basic noises in communication. Males will stick with their mates for life, and the females will protect their kin with vicious violence. It is not uncommon to see Pyrofalcons and Trolldiers socializing, and in some incidents, hunting together!

Abilities Edit

Pyrofalcons have many abilities, including the a fore-mentioned flying.

Flight Edit

Unlike nearly all of the other Ignus species, the Pyrofalcon can release a huge blast of air from their mouths (Airblast) to propel themselves a short distance into the air. They can only perform this amazing act 10 times before they must rest. Young Pyrofalcons cannot perfect this ability, and instead use a shorter burst to do so (Detonator Jumping). However, as young Pyrofalcons mouths are fully developed, this can do more harm than good.

Acid Edit

Most adult Pyrofalcons can spit a deadly acid from their mouths to deter foes (flare gun). This acid corrodes the skin in a similar fashion to fire. if further acid is spat onto an already coated foe, The acid burns twice as strong.

Claws Edit

Pyrofalcons have sharp, dangerous claws that they use to finish off their prey. Male Pyrofalcons have claws that react with the Pyrofalcons acid spit to deal a heavy blow to the prey (Axtinguisher). Females have a less developed kind of claw, that is sharper than the male's claw, but does not react as well with the acid spit (stock axe).

Required Items Edit

-Stock Flamethrower/ Degreaser

-Flare gun (adult Pyrofalcon)

-Detonator (Young Pyrofalcon)

-Axtinguisher (Male)

-Stock Axe (Female)

-Fallen Angel