The pyro-dile is the most infuriating creature of all being able to swarm, kill and taunt with glee. If you have never encounted them you are lucky, they have no soul or compassion. Only a burning desire to kill all

What they do to hurt usEdit

They are known to do a certain 'w+m1 roll' which is a truely terrifying thing to see happen. They are at 'war' with the Smissmass hoovys always trying to kill them even though the hoovys never did anything to them. Scientists think that this species is acutally a VERY distant relative to the pyrakeet with the largest difference being that the pyrodiles KNOW they are hurting them. This is disturbing as the main way of healing wounded spycrabs are the smissmass hoovy who can often be the difference between lifeand death for the spycrab. 

How to helpEdit

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