• Two lonely Pyrants.
  • Three Pyrants curiously observing the camera.

Pyrants are eerie miniature TF2-nimals of the Pyroidae family known to occasionally appear and swarm servers. They are relatively harmless and somewhat playful, but occasionally chase mercenaries and other TF2nimals.


Pyrants are easily distinguished by their small bodies and oversized heads. They all sport large eyes and feature large, white crests on their heads.


Pyrants always appear in groups of two or more, often going up to nine or ten individuals. When in large numbers, they act like a swarm and don't follow any real leader.


Because of their small stature, Pyrants can't wield weapons other members of their family can. As a result, they often take old utensils or leftovers and wail on attackers as a group. They are surprisingly strong, as it only takes a few hits to dispatch most aggressors. As a result, they are a solid, durable species that aren't to be picked on.


  • Mann Co. Cap
  • Sight for Sore Eyes
  • Frying Pan
  • Ham Shank