The Pseudo -Spycrab, commonly reffered to as the Mad Spycrab, is a violent animal that poses as a Spycrab in order to fool its prey. While both the Spycrab and Pseudo-Spycrab evolved from the same common ancestor, the Pseudo is an entirely different species, despite many people mistaking them for the same thing.

History and BehaviorEdit

The Pseudo-Spycrab was discovered not too long ago, and for a while it was believed to be a relative or subspecies of the true Spycrab. Dubbed the Mad Spycrab, due to its unusually violent behavior, this TF2-nimal is found almost everywhere there are true Spycrabs. This and other similarities confused many scientists for years, but recent studies show that the Pseudo-Spycrab is not closely related to the true Spycrab. Some of the key differences people use to tell the two Spies apart are as follows:

- The most obvious difference is a violent behavior; the Pseudo is much more aggressive than the true Spycrab, hence the original name "Mad Spycrab."

- The Pseudo-Spycrab sometimes looks around and stops crouching, something the Spycrab almost never does. It also seems to have some idea where it wants to go, which is usually into enemy territory.

- The Pseudo may also accidentally disguise itself as its prey.

- The Pseudo-Spycrab has been seen to fake its own death when attacked, although it is believed that normal Spycrabs may also have this ability.


Currently, no official documentation of the Pseudo-Spycrab exists; pictures are skeptical, and eyewitnesses are few and far between. However, certain individuals such as Land Mantis spend most of their time searching for and studying these mimics. It is believed that these creatures came much later than the original Spycrab, in a way to exploit the Spycrab's well known freindly behavior. However, it is possible that the Psuedo actually came first, and then was near extinction when it began to mimic the Spycrab in order to survive, allowing it to make a comeback. Both of these theories lack scientific evidence however.

Recommended Items:Edit

PRIMARY - Enforcer/Ambassador

WATCH - Dead Ringer