Habitats Edit

Usually in grass filled areas, or moist ones, the Preying Scoutis is there. They are similar to the Preying Mantis.

Behavior and Hunting Skills Edit

They are similar to the Preying Mantis, and walk in a crouch liked way. When approached by a predator, or prey, they spit a ball like object at them, go bipedal, and lunge (double jump), hitting it with handheld jaws, similar to a bat shape. They are stunned by the sudden act of violence, if not, they are still injured. The Preying Scoutis usually hunts weak creatures, like Snipikarp, and Spycrab. After killing the enemy, they go back to their crouched position and feast. Only the males hunt. Whatever is left after the feast is brought back to the female.

Predators and Prey Edit

Predators : Heavydile, Sewer Medic, Hunters, and any other big creatures.

Prey : Spycrab, Snipikarp, and passive creatures/neutral creatures.

Mating Edit

Males are Red, Females are Blue. They ALWAYS mate with opposite colored mates. The Male hunts while Females find places to nest. They go into the nest, and both bite each other once. The Female's bite makes the male bleed, and the Male's injects the female with oils that makes her lay eggs immediately. The female then begins to eat the male's head. The female leaves the eggs, and let them hatch, for them to live on their own.

Their Items Edit

Male : Sandman Bat

Female : Boston Basher Bat

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