An immature Potatohead.

Named for their head shape, Potatoheads are a very unique species of Militis, as they are one of the few completely passive species of Soldier, unlike their war-like cousins.

Life CycleEdit

All Potatoheads hatch from eggs that are buried in piles of snow. They only live with their mother for one day before becoming independent, as their mother dies one day after the eggs hatch. Immature Potatoheads cannot see very well through blizzards, as the protective mask that goes over their eyes is firmly rooted to the "potato" on its head. Fortunately, Potatoheads have fully developed wings by the time they're hatched, so they can get around quite easily.

After hunting enough small prey to live for approximately 3 months, Potatoheads mature, and the protective mask on their "potato" loosens, so they can pull it down to protect their eyes. Almost as soon as they mature, the males group up and search for the nearest female. Once they find one who is interested, they each have a flying competition; whoever flies the longest wins the attention of the female. Afterwards, the chosen male and the female bury themselves under the snow together and mate.


Often mistaken for Trolldiers, the Potatohead is often hunted down to prevent any risk of attack, despite being nearly harmless while flying. Immature Potatoheads (also nicknamed "Amateurs") will aimlessly fly around their environment, greeting anyone who happens to pass by with an awkward dance. Amateurs will occasionally stop to rest for a while and scavenge for insects, but then it's back to flying. Mature Potatoheads (nicknamed "Pros") will also commonly fly through the air, but unlike their younger selves, they can actually see where they're going clearly, thanks to their protective shield. They stop more often than the Amateurs, mainly because they need more food than the younglings.

Male Potatoheads are a great defense against opposing forces, because as they get weakened, they become much stronger. Female Potatoheads are more intent on running than fighting, and as they get weakened, they become much faster. The only drawback to each gender's powers is their lack of tough skin. The fur they have is misleading, because underneath it is fragile skin that renders Potatoheads injured much more easily.



  • Soldier's Slope Scopers (Amateur style for immaturity, Pro style for maturity.)
  • Rocket Jumper
  • B.A.S.E. Jumper
  • Equalizer for males, Escape Plan for females.


  • Merc's Muffler / Pride Scarf
  • Conga Taunt

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