A pack of Pootisbears.

The Pootisbears, or gravis ursus (latin), are a mostly docile member of the Gravitelamo family. They are often seen befriending other TF2nimals and helping other species. When threatened, the Pootisbear unleashes an unforgiving aura of flames, which leads to much superstition that they could also be members of the Ignus family, however there is no concrete proof. Scientists are currently studying the genetic codes of various Pootisbears, attempting to put an end to these rumors.


As previously stated, Pootisbears are docile most of the time and help other species of TF2nimal. If, for example, a Demowolf is injured, a Pootisbear will go out of it's way to help that Demowolf recover.


Pootisbears like to reside in damp, dark places like caves, and they love the snow. However, they also like forests, though will instantly move to snowy places if they are close enough. They have been mostly sighted in Coldfront, Barnblitz, Snowplow, and Viaduct, though they have also been sighted less frequently in Landfall, Nightfall, and Pinewood.

How To Become OneEdit

Primary: Huo-Long Heater

Secondary: Dalokohs Bar or Buffalo Steak Sandvich

Melee: Warrior's Spirit

Cosmetics: Bear Necessities

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