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A Poker Heavy

Pokerians are a family of gambling creatures found throughout the Earth. They were discovered in Oct 2th, 2014 by a family of Engineers. They only revealed information to Prof. Scoot's research team in October 14, 2015. They are protected by the National Pokerian Protection Group, founded a week after the discovery.

They were given the name Pokerian, by Scoot's grandmother, Scootalooloo (Having sent an email saying "You better name dat derr hoovy a pokerian or am gonna poke yer nose m8")

Intelligence experiments Edit

The second known Pokerian/ Poker heavy Lemminy, has been tested for his intelligence by Dr. Scoots. It appears its brain capacity is 10.50.

Engineering skills Edit

Poker heavies as well as most pokerians know how to operate all kinds of machinery.

Apparently their was another poker heavy experimentation (not with biologic injections just an intelligence test) that apparently they can make a Portal gun, Gravity gun, a Lazyneers chair, an entire military base, a portal projector that leads to different dimesions, Basically any machine known to man, out of sand and soil.

Research tips provided by unknown source, dubbed as "Plhype".

Current known species Edit

Feel free to add more Pokerian species, with my credit.