A common Poker Heavy

Poker Heavies (scientific name; Hoovyis McPokeris) are a common species of Pokerians, a species that gambles or it will die.

Poker Heavies usually come to events and Poker clubs, such as the Inventory. They usually come with a pack of Mann Co. brand cards, and/or scrap metal/Austrailum chips. They are very different from a normal Heavy, such as having different organs and some times completely different appearances.

The life of a Poker Heavy Edit

Poker Heavies are born in dark caves, usually near water. They are most common in 2fort and Hightower. They grow up learning how to play Texas Hold Em' from a young age, and learn how to hunt for Sphees. Once they are 20 days old, they go to battle on Hightower. If they do not die after the round ends, they consider themselves worthy. They go off to Poker events and gamble until their life cycle ends.

Anatomy Edit

Poker Heavies share the same build and bone structure of a Heavy Weapons Guy, but they have differences.

Poker Heavies have a organ called "Pair of Twos", a card in their rib cage that fuels their desire for gambling. If this organ is harmed or removed, it may be fatal.

Their brain is a giant poker chip.

Supernatural powers and intelligence Edit

These supernatural powers and intelligence were discovered by Professer Scoot, when he put the Poker Heavy he had found into a sandbox, it then took the sand and made every possible machine out of it, like the gravity and portal gun. They as well know how to operate them. The supernatural powers they posses are possibly limitless, however they do age normally and have the same durability as an elder. They don't like to use these powers as they feel like they are evil and satanic as described by the second known Poker heavy/ Pokerian, Lemminy.

Source of Money Edit

Since Poker Heavies generally need money for their gambling addiction, they tend to sell off weapons of dead enemies and Mercs. They also take part in MVM battles, and collect money from there.

Special Poker Heavy Edit

  • The Heavy Weapons Guy: A Poker Heavy who played poker with Tycho, Max, Strong Bad, and the Player. He is a well know Inventory player.

Known Poker Heavies Edit

  • Lemminy

Requirements Edit

  • Poker Night at the Inventory (for items)
  • Poker Night at the Inventory achievement Heavy weapon
  • Preorder Poker cap (if you can get your hands on it)
  • (MVM) Hoard money from robots killed, and prevent other players from getting it.

Research Credit Edit

  • Prof. Scoot
  • Dr. Mexican Hat
  • Phlype the mysterious stranger 

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