TF2nimals Plague Medic01:26

TF2nimals Plague Medic

A video about the Plague Medic, showing a Tryhard and Friendly with it.

Plague Medic are an extremely old species dating back to the 1700's, they're known to be extremely docile and seem to hang around friendlies. Plague medics when provoked will then use their battle cry and attack the attacker until they either die or apologizes. The plague doctor masks, through studies seem to be part of their face and can't be removed. Through more studies plague medics seem to be attracted by expensive hats and will try to trade the user and possibly scamming them into giving it away.

Things that plague medics hateEdit

 Plague Ratscoots and those who attack the Friendlies.

Things that plague medics likeEdit

Friendlies, expensive items, healing other medics and Friendlies.

How to become a plague medicEdit

  • Grimm Hatte
  • Byte Beak
  • Belighted Beak.

Cyber Plague DoctorEdit

 *Virus Doctor

  • Byte Beak.

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