Pizza Rollgineers are a newly-discovered species of the Aedificare family, usually found in the Badlands.

Biology Edit

A week after birth, Pizza Rollgineers build dispensers and fill them with a strange organic metal-like substance (currently dubbed "Rollium") which makes the dispenser cook and dispense pizza rolls. According to test results, the rolls heal burn, bullet, and claw wounds. They prefer to eat meat, and pizza rolls. Mostly pizza rolls.

Most of them are born with Gunslingers, which gives them the ability to speak and create mini-sentries that use entire pizzas as rockets, and normal Totinos Pizza Rolls as ammunition.

They can speak fluent English, Russian, Spanish, and French, unless the Rollgineer is born without a Gunslinger.

Discovery Edit

They were discovered by Dr. Scoots when he was at a Burger King eating a headcrab burger, it stole his burger and turned it into Rollium.

Rollium Edit

A mysterious new element used by Rollgineers to make pizza rolls. 

Little is known about Rollium, as there are very few samples.


About 40 Rollgineers are born per hour in a nest.

When they turn 3 days old, they may grow their gunslingers, and go pizza roll hunting with older Rollgineers in the nest.

When they turn 13 they get their very own dispenser making kit, and the ability to create rollium. This is when they start cooking for the family and for selling.

After 16 days, they leave the nest to explore the outside world and bring news to the nest. If they survive, they can finally explore the wilderness by themselves.

After 30 days, they are considered adult Rollgineers and can finally work for either RED or BLU. Though, some baby Rollgineers sneak into the fight.

Types of RollgineersEdit

Queen RollgineerEdit

These Rollgineers are the queen of the nest, and they give birth to all the Rollgineers and give orders along with the king. The Queen is usually protected by a sentry nest. You can tell that one is a queen if it has a purple gibus on. 

King RollgineerEdit

These Rollgineers mate with the Queen Rollgineer and watch over the herd, they usually wield Windowmakers. You can tell that one is a king by a red gibus.


  • Default Engineer loadout (For a baby Rollgineers)
  • Whatever cosmetics you want (For adults)
  • Gunslinger (optional, if you want more fire power)
  • Build a dispenser near spawn and offer teammates "pizza rolls"
  • Red/Purple gibus (for king/queen)
  • Windowmaker (For King)

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