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The Piss Owl

Not to be confused with the Sniper Owls

The Piss Owl is a rare tf2-nimal discovered by Victor Shirlin as he also claims to be an Piss Owl himself. The Piss owl is an odd-tf2nimal. As it's only feature is to toss urine at bystanders and yell the phrase "I'M A BLOODY PISS OWL!"

Behavior and RequirementsEdit

Piss owl's is considered as an "odd-ball" Tf2-nimal since it is known for tossing piss at either prey or predators and yelling their signature quote "I'M A BLOODY PISS OWL" for no given reason.They don't appear violent as they simply yell and throw piss at others and just simply walk away. However, Piss Owl's are capable of fighting but only do it as self-defense mechanism. Piss Owl's are considered as the only species of Sniper Owls since they are only known Sniper Owl's around.

To become a Piss owl one must need:

-Sir Shootsalot


-Sir Hootsalot(Optional)