Discovered by Dr. Marxman, the OctoSpy, also called the Spyphalopod, is an underwater creature that is similar to the spymeleon with its ability to become invisible, but it can also change its skin texture, appearance, and skin shape. It can disguise as other TF2-nimals, mercenaries, and other OctoSpy. Once they kill someone or something, they assume its form. They can also become invisible at will, enabling them to hunt easily. They have been seen to disguise as Engy Coral, and when other creatures go to collect the polyps and/or destroy it, it quickly kills them. The corpses of its victims disappear after every kill, and these creatures seem to never collect too much food. It hunts in moderation, and refuses to kill young sea creatures. Its only hunting adults is a very efficient process. For example, when it hunts PyroSharks, it will lie in wait for the Alpha to leave the nest, then it will immediately kill it. It also possesses similar high voltage ability similar to the PyroShark, and it is this ability that allows it to destroy Engy Coral shells, sentries, and teleporters. It uses tricks similar to the Pseudo-Spycrab, and disguises as a Spycrab until it can attract predators. It is a master of camouflage, deception, and stealth, as it is one of the hardest TF2-nimals to hunt. They have been seen to invade destroyed ships, and steal their treasure. There is said to be caves full of treasure collected by them for their entire life. They are said to be biologically immortal, as they have an infinite lifespan. The Biologist Team once went on a series of diving missions, where Marxman found this marvel of nature. He said that it "moved quickly, attacked with cunning, and surprisingly did not attempt to kill me." Some people have even considered them to be the superior life form to humans. There is currently an OctoSpy in the tank of the MountainLab Laboratory, and it is fed frequently.

Requirements: Edit

Your Eternal Reward

Stock Invis-Watch OR Cloak and Dagger

Deus Specs (Optional)

Hat of Undeniable Wealth and Respect (Optional)

Deadliest Catch (Optional)

Camera Beard (Optional)

Red Tape Recorder


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