Nubibus is a primitive Heavy tribe known for living mostly in caves, and as well for having AllFather HoodBeard, kin of GabeN descend from their and being the first educated. Many have dubbed it Nubibus, which means shrouded in latin, due to the shear lack of knowledge surrounding it.

Language Edit

The tribe lacks a specific language, but communicates to each other in common hoovy phrases like pootis spencer here.

Clothing & Cosmetics Edit

Their clothing mainly consists of a hood and goggles, with the men bearing a long beard. The Hoods can consist of many, many cosmetics. They only need to cover the head to be a full requirement. Children were only Hoods, and some youth of the elders of the tribe carry staffs. It is found that they wear goggles to block out the dusty, harsh environments of the cave, If they do not wear this at all times inside the crevice, They will obtain Monocuvitis.

Habitat Edit

While there is no records or pinpoints of where Nubibus's Location is, AllFather HoodBeard has stated that it is in an extremely deep crevice, which would require one to lower theselves into the bottom layer of the crevice to find the tribe's inhabitants.

Primitive Technologies Edit

While the tribe is very lacking of advancments in this area, that dosen't mean that they have nothing in this range of thought, For example, they use melee weapons very frequently (which have been very useful over the years) there is one ritual where the people of the tribe use handcrafted mini-guns to shoot out of the crevice to worship the Great Lord GabeN. However they only use these mini guns for the occasion.

Food Edit

They usually eat buffalo steak, but as well consume other animals from inside and above on higher ground. However it has also been stated that they sometimes eat tryhards, or any tf2nimal that spares none.

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