Hello people and animals of Earth. I am going to update a type of the Pyroidae family. We are calling it the Nom Ercy Pyro (Phlogius Ignus). It is a very strange type of Pyro. It was formed in the old days of the year 2011 when the great Pyromaniac Update! came out, when GabeN added all new subtypes upon subtypes of Pyros! However just a week ago, GabeN has changed all the families with the new Tough Break Update! This update brought forth changes of gameplay, different lands to discover, and most importantly, new taunts! But the point is the Phlogius was buffed by GabeN tremendously. They have given him more damage, and when he charges his krrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrritz he is invulnerable to everything! This is truly an unstoppable type of pyro! But unfortunately for everyone living on the planet, the Nom Ercy Pyro is very hostile. And does not stop to kill anyone. They are monsters. And GabeN hath er has given them the power of GODS! This must mean that GabeN does not care for us, whatever shall we do!

To become:


Scorch SHot (optional)

Any Melee

Pyromancer's Mask (optional)

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