Mythicalus Sharkigibuspyrocus.Edit

Discovered by Doctor Alan Grant / Researcher Alan Grant.

Pyro Back

The artist's depiction of Mythicalus Sharkigibuspyrocus's back.


Mythicalus Sharkigibuspyrocus. AKA, The Gibuspyroshark God. AKA, The Gibusshark.

Writings of this creature were found engraved in the wall, with australium in front of the drawing. The creature was on a throne underwater. This creature was apparently feared, as it had animals and people alike fleeing from it. More research is being done. Written on the wall beside his picture was ' Buying Conscientious Objector.. ' .


Class: Pyro

Weapons: Flare Gun and the Rainblower

Cosmetics: 'Pyroshark Jaws', Ghostly Gibus, Up Pyroscopes, And Operation Mecha Engi Badge.)

This god-like being has a Ghostly Gibus, eyes flying out of it's head, A badge, And unknown weapons.

Current ResearchEdit

By some researchers, some have reportedly "sighted" a Mythicalus Sharkigibuspyrocus. It is unknown if this is even POSSIBLE, but all sightings need to be reported in the review and research section below.



A new drawing found in a Yeteavy cave.

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