Mining Light

The molegineer

The Molegineer is an underground tf2-nimal. They are skilled miners but they are also blind which leads to multiple question about their ability to dig without the help of eyesight.


Molegineers are commonly found underground or in dark places, like caves. They cannot see therefore they get around by their other 3 senses. It is unknown how they dig since they canot see which side of the pickaxe they are holding.

Tunnel networkEdit

What's significant about molegineers is their entire network of underround tunnels. Using their tunnels they can travel to diferent places without having themselves exposed to predators and sunlight as they are both harmful to the molegineer. Molegineers are also crafty as certain tunnels might lead to a dead end in which they can attack intruders. Procced with extra caution when entering a molegineer tunnel.o ad