Tf2 Soldier

The original Soldier species, from which all other members of Militis descended

The Militis family, also known as the Soldier family, consists of militaristic and somewhat explosive species of the TF2 ecosystem. These American creatures often have bowl-shaped heads and are known for firing explosive projectiles at their feet in order to propel themselves into the air. This is refered to as "Rocket Jumping."

Rarely some of these creatures can get infected by parasites. The Brain Maggot to name one such parasite that can infect these creatures.

Known Soldier SpeciesEdit

-Explosive Soldier Bird





-Airforce Species

-Soldier Penguin

-Crippled Soldier


-Parrot Soldier




-Bird of Freedom



-Winter Shogunate

-Festive Soldiers

-Bird of Robotdom

-Saucepan Soldiers

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