Non-RP species

This TF2nimal is not a roleplay species.

The Medizeus is a TF2 deity that was found within an old cave near Drogantote, which had hieroglyphs of odd events and the creature scattered through them. A sentence that noted the name Medizeus came from the following sentence.

The only known heiroglyph portraying the creature and many others.

Und so fiel der große Drache namens Medizeus vom Himmel zusammen mit seinen Brüdern, und gab auf dem terra Kritz, um den Krieg zu regeln, und er half die Seite dessen Herz der Wahrheit und Ideale

This translates as:

And thus, the great dragon named Medizeus fell from the sky along with its brethren, and gave upon the earth kritz to settle the war, and he helped the side whose heart was of truth and ideals.

Requirements for a statue:

Weather Master

Golden Medic mask