Medisheep are docile, domesticated creatures native to mountainous regions, and are known for their warm coats. They live in herds of over a dozen other Medisheep, often led by an alpha male known as a Mediram. Wild Medirams often compete for dominance of the herd via head-butting each other until one flees, is knocked out, or is even killed. It is the Medisheep's warm coats that led to their domestication by Mercenaries, who shear them every summer to make wool garments for the winter. They are preyed upon by Pyragons, Spy Wolves, and, as some locals reported, the legendary Yeteavy.

Mediram Edit

This Alpha of the herd has two horns, and is clearly tougher than its herd. Upon seeing a gigantic herd of Medisheep, (About 10,000 moving quickly through the mountains) he noticed only 1 Alpha. Also witnessing their battles for dominance, he assumed (and later confirmed), the testosterone Contained in a mediram is what gives them their horns.

Subspecies Edit

Winter Medisheep: This subspecies is widely seen in freezing maps such as ColdFront, and the rams are more docile than normal Medirams.

Mountain Medisheep: These Sheep are seen in mountainous areas such as Thunder Mountain. They are very aggressive but are usually able to tame, like all Medisheep.

River Medisheep: These Medisheep are seen near large rivers and bodies of water, and are very docile. They do not often attack, and like to stay in one place, eating the grass and drinking the water.

Desert Medisheep: Desert areas are populated by these Sheep, and they can survive for extreme amounts of time in the sweltering heat. They use basic attack methods, and can be found in places like Dustbowl, Egypt, and LakeSide.

Requirements: Edit

Der Wintermantel

Brimstone (If Mediram)