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Recently, Dr. Marxman and Scoots the Pyroshark have come up with an idea to stop the endangerment of the Pyroshark species, this idea is domesticating them. Technology developed by Mann Co. and TF2 Scientists have made this a possibility. By using certain tools on a Pyroshark's body, it can be easily domesticated and survive on land. Using tools such as the bubble pipe, Mair mask, rail spikes (collar), person in the iron mask, pop eyes, or sight for sore eyes, these pyrosharks can survive on land, no matter what type. Due to recently learned domestication tactics, Sharks can be domesticated in hours. Mann Co.'s Pricing for these tools is only 15$, and worth every penny. This "suit" will allow Pyrosharks to not only survive on land, but be comfortable doing it. These sharks will be priced (all proceeds will go to the furtherance of science and the creation of more ideas like this.) The modern consumer would be very happy with a loving Pyroshark to feed and care for. (Once domesticated, they will become extremely loyal and loving, even killing those who harm you.) See Dr. Marxman about what to feed your Pyroshark, its basic living conditions, breeding, and basic protection of sharks.

We are currently researching ways to make this easier for the Shark, as some Sharks simply can't survive without some of their utilities. This may up the cost, and it is likely that the product M.C.E.C.S (Mann. Co. Environmental containment suit.) may never see the light of day. After a freak fire started at the H.Q of the Scientists working on the project, many of the documents containing blueprints for a simple solution where lost, except for one. The only surviving document was the blueprints for the most risky of ideas for it, one that would likely cause the end of the species. We won't say what the detailed plans were for now.

(Send any questions to me on my profile. Same goes with Scoots. -Dr. Marxman and Scoots the Pyroshark)