The Low Intellect P2P Snipers

Ancestors/Evolutionary Path:

This is a new Subspecies of the Cuntsman its evolutionary path is most likely related to the Elders due to the wealth it has accumulated, possible finding also suggest DemoPan and Snipikarp may have helped evolve this species


Stab Stab Stab... This is assumed to be related to its Cuntsman ancestry, it is believed that doing this is in its previous nature.

Panning: This could show a relation to the DemoPan however though it is suggested that it developed its own reliance on the pan instead of inheriting it from the possible ancestor.

Jarate: This could be traced back to Snipikarp which is more likely then developing it on its own, as it is common that they will only throw Jarate and never take advantage of it, much like the Snipikarp.

To better understand this form of a Sniper we must look at one and observe the results:

2014-07-10 00002

As you can see if you enlarge the image there happens to be one in the wild habitat on a PvP Server.

If you look closely you can see his current hats, which are a Lime Bills, a Pair of Earbuds and a other Misc which is most likely a sign of wealth on his arm.

Unfortuntly this PootisBear of sorts has been randomly killed for no reason, much like the activity of a Cuntsman which the Cuntsman would've gotten from the Gibus Species.

As it is seen he is panning his victim which usually happens if Stab Stab Stab or using the Huntsman doesn't work for him.


Due to the insanely low intelligence this species will take out almost anything it sees, if it can't kill the target or gets in danger.


The Low Intellect P2P Sniper doesn't mate due to extincition, which has been caused by more agreesive species and species which are peaceful until attacked.


The figures of population are very small due to Hunters wanting their wealth or other species which are peaceful until attacked.

How to escape a Attack:

Due to the nature of these players if you aren't going to be able to outrun them you are going to die, there motivations are very strong for killing anyone it lays eyes on.

However though it might lose interest in you if there is another person for which he rather takes.

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