Hello, I am Fishface420 and I am sending you an urgent message. We have found a new virus we are calling LMAOBox. It is a newly popular virus and is very lethal. From our studies we have found that it starts in the ground as a fungus. But when the spores are released, they go into the brain of a Gibus or any other animal. (Note: This horrible parasitic virus seems to affect Gibuses only. But it can go to more experienced mercenaries. However, fortunately we have not found any cases of this infecting Great Mercenaries that have practiced their skills for many years)


The symptoms of this virus which we have observed so far are: The spores killing the brain and therefore making it kind of a decomposing parasitic thing, the victim has said things randomly including: GET GUD GET LMAOBOX, LMAOBOX- WAY TO THE TOP, and WWW.LMAOBOX.NET- BEST TF2 HAX! Other symptoms include: 100% precise aim excelling those of even Max! the Sniper himself! Not even duct taping your legs to the table, and hand to the mouse can save you!!! They can see through walls, they have the ability to see through disguises and invisibility.The only way to take one infected from the virus is by coordinating a whole team (best way) a Master Spy (not as reliable as the last but much less resourceful. And by infecting yourself with the virus (worst way, only use under EXTREMELY die circumstances. There is but one way to survive this virus. Someone else must repeatedly say "STAY GUD, DON'T GET LAME-O-BOX!" or "LAME-O-BOX, WAY TO THE BOTTOM!" pr things similar to that. If you have anymore information tell us so we can eradicate this virus forever! I shudder to think what would happen if this went onto a Giant Engineer, or even worse an Experimental Medic! (If they aren't immune of course) One thing that was incredibly mind-boggling was that the Hermit Spycrab seemed almost invisible to the fungus. It was the only animal we found that could resist the spores of this virus.


Any hit-scan weapon (shoots bullets), and download LMAOBOX (if you do this you are retarded.)

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