After Scoots himself hacked into various competitors to get leads on Incident [DATA EXPUNGED], he discovered some... Disturbing content with Grantfare Corp. 

October [REDACTED] meeting, Site-3Edit

[Scoots flicks the microphone, clearing his voice]

Scoots: I have found information that Grantfare has hacked into us and leaked some very important documents. And that they stole our idea. Well... we kinda stole it, but... that doesn't matter. 

Col. Booty Sack: So what do you suppose we do, sir? 

Scoots: Oh, I hit them hard already. Hacked some files, printed them, and then deleted them from their database. Wiped four harddrives worth. But... if they try something else, this means war. 

Dr. [DATA EXPUNGED]: Sir, what do you mean by..."war"?

Scoots: If they fuck up again, I'm going to fuck them so hard up the [REDACTED] that they're gonna [DATA EXPUNGED] all over the floor and they're gonna have to lick it off. And by that, I mean [REDACTED]

[recording ends]

Grantfare Discoveries Edit


God forbid they ever find out about necromercs. - Dr. Bacon

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