The typical Lazygineer.

Lazygineers are engineers that lie down on a perch and relax all day. They won't be bothered to do tasks, as the only thing they will do is lie around all day.

"Spys spain' m- Aww have to get off my fucking chair and repair my sentry, what bunch of bullshit"~LazyJerma

The Lazygineer's Life Cycle Edit

The Lazygineer, upon spawn, will attempt to find a place with other Lazygineers. Once they have found a suitable spot, they will place a dispenser like stalk that heals and resupplies. They will then push out a metal shell resembling a lawn chair item and lie on it. These beings live off alcohol, the lawn chair-like shell supplies this somehow. Sometimes, they may leave their perch if its being destroyed. Other than that, they never leave.

The Lazygineer's apperance. Edit

These beings are engineers, that sometimes have the Texas Tech hand, with some edits to it, to signify that they are fat and lazy.

Food Sources Edit

They do not crave for species, they only drink alcohol. It is unknown how their liver can support so much alcohol, or even if they can get drunk. This may be a possible link to Demoman species.

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