Appearance and BiologyEdit

Jaguar Scouts are part of the Carpo family, and live in warm climates. They have sharp fangs and claws they use to make their prey bleed to death, and they are mighty good jumpers. They also are able to somehow increase their jump height at the cost of reduced speed capability if they want to keep the height. They are a young species when compared to other species' of the Carpo family. The Jaguar Scout is a carnivore, and in its origin of the jungles of vietnam, it is yellow, but in other areas has adopted the red or blue color scheme.

The Jaguar scout are usually passive, and tamable. when tamed, they are like your usual house cat. an asshole you need to feed, though they like to be pet and actually purr like a house cat.

Apearence and behaviorEdit

A jaguar scout is basically a cheetah scout in a different area. The jaguar does not have the speed of the Cheatahs, yet it has higher jump height. The jaguars live alone most of the time unless mating or with young.

Cheatahs and jaguars usually are found with each other, and can "mess around" and create the rare and powerful creature the Cheatguar scout, which is considered royalty and is the alpha because of its physical prowess. Only 124 of these animals exist, and they are hunted by poachers, yet they usually kill the poacher before it sees them.

2015-06-20 00001

a yellow jaguar scoot about to turn our photographer into prey.

To become a Jaguar Scout you need:

  • Beastly Bonnet
  • Cheet Sheet (not reguired, strongly recommended)
  • Boston Basher (claws)
  • Winger (jump capability)
  • Stock scattergun

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