Professor Scoots was accidentally sucked into a portal to TF2-003-B during testing. He was stuck there for a total of three days.

Audio logs recovered Edit


  • There is a sound of leaves being crushed.
  • Scoots is heard breathing heavily
  • Professor Scoots: OH GOD WHAT THE HELL IS THAT
  • Unknown: What, did somebody steal your sweetroll?
  • Professor Scoots: NO RHE THING WITH WINGZ
  • Screaming is heard, and a strange roar
  • Professor Scoots is heard running away from the area.

Recovered ItemsEdit

All items are stored in Site-001's High Valuable storage area.

  • Strange schematics
  • A note talking about a treasure.
  • Alot of meat from varying species. Currently stored in Site-003's Cryogenic Freezing storage chamber.
    SecretDwemer 03


  • Gold coins, aka "Septims".
  • A more greyish coin variant. They seem more rare than septims.
  • A collection of steel weapons.
  • Thirty two "soul gems", supposedly containing the "souls" of "Dwemer".
  • A "dragon" skull.
  • A gold bar.
  • A shrine of "Akatosh"
  • Thirty cups of moon sugar, and skooma. Stored in Site-099's Recreational Drug Storage.

Creatures sightedEdit


A number of spycrabs were encountered by Scoots during his
Tumblr inline nz4ki8qGfr1rlli63 400

A photo of a spycrab taken by Scoot's semi functional camera

terrifying expedition. They seem to be more hostile than regular spycrabs, and migrations are much more common.  


A so called species of human-like barbarians with a thick Viking accent thing. 


A species of humanoid reptiles. Scoots has noted that he is attracted to female specimens more than humans. Scoots has returned with a female, with considerably large [REDACTED]s. She is also albino, which is considerably rare.

Spider MenEdit

Deformed Spider Man-like creatures. They often have goofy voices.


An insect found within caves. Scoots has also returned with a specimen, in which he named Bob.

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