The Ignus Golem (AKA the Centurion) is an artificial TF2-nimal made by anceint civilizations and remade from golem remains by Giovanni Pierrot. They are made by people to gaurd areas and attack any intruders that come into the area.


The Golems where once a suit made by people to incinerate a tyrant who chose to kill a king, monarch, or commander of an army. Then an unknown fellow decided to make the first robots of the world using spare parts of the torture suit. The average Ignus Golems (Nicknamed Legion) are human sized golems with 2 bars at the face and with 3 openings where you can see the inner inferno that is the inside of a Ignus Golem. The ones that wear a head dress are known as Infernus, which is Latin for hellfire


The biology of the Ignus Golem is more complex then what appears on the outside. It's main organ is an odd bowl shaped peice of ice nicknamed Eterna, for it's sheer resistance to heat and the like, an odd aspect that makes the ice unmeltable. In fact it would sooner freeze the lava it would be soaked in then melt. So this bowl acts and a way to control the heat of the molten rock and metal that goes through the body of the golem, to prevent the melting of metal. As it filters the molten rock is sent through a small compartment inside the back of the golems, fed into the bowl, and it circulates throughout the system until it returns to the bowl, and the cycle repeats. A single bucket filled to the brim with molten rock can last the golem 347 days Nearly a years worth of energy.


Normal Ignus Golem:

Steel sixpack man in the iron mask and any pyro hammer

"Infernus" Golem:

Same as the normal golem, only with the centurion hat and the volcano fragment along with the detonator

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