The "Abomination" Observing another TF2-nimal

Abominationem Ipsum is an odd creature at best, as it resembles a hunchback, thus it it was fittingly named "Hunchbackgineer". Originally found by Pycotich,a researcher for the group. (Also Goes by Dr. Ivo)

Anatomy & HabitatEdit

This breed of Jellyneer wasn't a Jellyneer to begin with. It was actually a form of parasite. This parasite began it's life on Mars, but in the end, it found its way to earth via asteroid. It then finds a Jellyneer to rip its head open, and climb into the inner cranium to become a hivemind to the Jellyneer's body. After reaching stage 6 in its evolution, the parasite cuts off brain signal from the eyes via cutting the optical nerves and blood vessels. After which it disposes of the right eye and replaces it with its own that has developed. Finally, after reaching stage 11 in its cycle, the Jellyneers right hand has lost its ability to function, and the parasite has grown millions of antenna along the head of its host, forming hairlike growths.

The Hunchbackgineer seems to like wet areas, however it does like to dwell within the underground of civilization, preferably sewers.


The Hunchbackgineer is normally a very calm being, but in the event that it is angered, it will scream pig-like noises from the top of it's lungs, and then rush towards it enemy. If one is to become hostile, the best bet it to shoot it in the ears, to ensure a successful hit to the parasite. However, it will still retain a jellyneer's regenerative qualities, regenerating after being wounded enough. The life of this poor creature continues until the Jellyneer is brain dead, in such a case, the parasite lays eggs in the corpse, and goes off to find a new body.


Executioner (Painted Dark Salmon)

Braniac Hairpeice

Googly Gazer (Mad Science Style)