The Horseshoe Snicrab is a newly discovered specimen of Sniper tf2nimal, and are considered to be living fossil by the sceintist, Pycotich. Little is known about this tf2nimal so feel free to add on to the documentatin incase any more info shows itself.


The Horseshoe Sniper, or Snicrab as some call it, is an odd looking tf2nimal yeilding a large, thick sheild that coveres its back, and underneath is a four legged bipedal figure that flails its legs rapidly, in a manner that a spider would.

Abilities & HabitatEdit

It lives in shallow water that usually have a smooth grainy feeling sand or a muddy dirt plot. As it primarily living in water, it has developed a way to swim extremly fast, and even headbutting things in its path at full speed.



Hong Kong Cone

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