UHCHUVBBVBBVBAA! Horde Scoot war cry Edit

The horde scoot is a rare TF2 species, of Gibus scouts, they act in hordes of 13, they work together, with their melee weapons and whack the shiz out of whatever is in the opposite color of their team, they team up and attack Engi nests. They are usually wiped out by Sentries, but they can succeed, but this usually does not happen, but when it does, one takes charge and expands his group to 26, they march on a team base & reek havoc upon the games players. Though a few Soldiers or Heavies can sort them out.

One Mega horde is said to have 156 Members, and the Australium Scoot runs this odd horde. They have pans only, and wear neither RED not BLU, rather GRAY, making them the most dangerous group to date, as they lack color affiliation. Meaning this Horde may be Artificial, or run by a more malicious entity yet to be discovered.

Hints of their praise of the Vagineers are evident, as Vaginia carvings are found in the Sewers the Mega Horde Resides. These pictures were uploaded to MannCloud before the likely death of the opportunistic young Mann.

Stupid Scout

Typical Horde Scoot

Boston basher by jolon-d37ua6b

A Alpha Horde Scoot

Requirements: Ghostly Gibus, Pyrovision goggles Any melee weapon, Pan recommended.

Alpha: No hat, Australium Pan, any shirt

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