The Hoovydile is a species of Gravitelamo, thought to be related to the Hoovy whale and the Heavydile.


They can have different apppearances.


They live on maps with water. They usually stay on land, but will go back in the water every once in a while.


They are very friendly, even giving sandviches to those that they don't see as threats. If they see or hear a friend being attacked, they will bite and tear apart the attacker. If the don't manage to catch the attacker, they attempt to scare off the attacker when he/she returns. Their mating habits are as of now unknown.


  • Any minigun(as it will not be used)
  • Any kind of sandvich(prefferably one that you can drop)
  • Eviction notice
  • Any cosmetics, other that the Ghastly gibus or the Provision goggles.