Blu Heavy sanvich

No description neccessary

An aquatic creature that lives among the Pyrosharks and other TF2-fish, the Hoovy Whale is a peaceful animal that rarely attacks unless provoked. These gentle giants are known to sometimes give their Sandviches to hungry/wounded fish, and even divers who happen to be passing by.

This has made the Hoovy Whale a popular creature to the human eye. Some Hoovy Whales have pads on their front limbs (Holiday Punch) that somehow make others laugh if touched in the right spot, usually on the target's back. This involuntary laughter is what makes the Hoovy Whale earn its status as a gentle giant.

Required Items: Any one of the following:

-Buffalo Steak Sandvich
Heavy holiday punch

A RED Hoovy Whale with special laughter pads

-Regular Sandvich

-Dalokohs Bar ( Can now be thrown on the ground, but only gives a small amount of health, can be nommed for 50 extra health and 50 health overheal)


-Holiday Punch

- The B.M.O.C