Sad heavy

A Heavy Turtle that has become distressed over the loss of his Sandvich

A large TF2-nimal, the Heavy Turtle is a species derived from the Heavies. It is very pacifistic in nature, as if it were a larger Spycrab. The Heavy Turtle crawls on all fours, using its front feet to seemingly punch the ground every now and then.

The Turtle always faces the ground, sniffing around for its next meal. While normally accustomed to eating plants, the Heavy Turtle hopes to find its favorite meal: the Sandvich. Any Sandvich will do; as long as it's edible, he'll eat it. However, steal the Sandvich, and the Heavy Turtle can become aggressive and may attack the thief with its fists.

It appears to have evolved from the Hoovy Whale, as it has very similar characteristics such as its love for Sandviches. However, unlike the Hoovy Whale, it may attack when provoked.

Required Items:

-Any type of Sandvich

-Any fists or gloves