Hoovy Hogan

A somewhat friendly Hoovy Hogan enjoying his day on Dustbowl

A Heavy-like creature usually found on King of the Hill maps. This creature is extremely fierce if provoked so it is suggested you keep your distance. This creature is definitely NOT slow, today it is still unknown the substance Hoovy Hogan puts in his Buffalo Steak Sandvich which allows him to gain speeds that are insanely fast for his size. For some odd reason the chemical in Hoovy Hogan's Sandvich allows his fists to do a lot more damage then unusual.


This species is limited to very few different subspecies due to the Hoovy Hogan having a massive ego and they will fight for their desired mate unfortanetly due to this horrible brawl many Hoovy Hogans do not survive the Summer. 

  • Pootisbird Hogan
This is probably the rarest species of Hoovy Hogan and their population averages around 5-13 worldwide. This subspecies is suprisingly quite friendly unlike the basic Hoovy Hogan, our top scientists currently believe that is because the Pootisbird Hogan has an more advanced genome structre and intellect.

  • Heavy Weapons Hogan
The Heavy Weapons Hogan is most likely the dominant species due to its use of illegal weapons in a match. This species almost always gets the mate because it can't lose a battle when it has a nice Brass Beast with it.

Unfortunately many of the species have not been discovered but if you manage to find a new species please let me know!


The average Hoovy Hogan wears his trademark head bandana, his quality work out straps along his elbow, and his beautiful long glowing hair. Obviously the Pootisbird Hogan wears a wonderful bird head other then the bandana and the Heavy Weapons Hogan wears the same clothes as the average hogan yet uses a minigun rather than fists.


  • Heavy's Hockey Hair (Painted The Color of a Gentlemanns Buisness Pants)
  • Chicken Kiev (Only for Pootisbird Hogan)
  • Heavy Lifter
  • Heavy Duty Rag (Not for Pootisbird Hogan)
  • Brass Beast (For Heavy Weapons Hogan)

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