Hoovy Gerbils are very rare species of Gravitelamo.Edit

Due to overhunting, you will not see many of these animals. People hunt them for their reddish Fists and Steak.


Hoovy Gerbils have a large flap of Brown Skin on top of their head, to blend in with their surroundings. Their fists appear to be reddish and bigger than most other Gravitelamo Species, along with a sort of flame pattern.. With these fists, it can run faster than the other Heavy species, which improves its survival with other TF2nimals. However, the skin on the fists seem to be very vulnerable and punctured easily. The Hoovy Gerbil primarily hides then rushes up to his opponents, but is otherwise timid.


Hoovy Gerbils usually live in the dark, but avoid water due to the fact that Pyrosharks can pick them off easily.


Hoovy HamstersEdit

Hoovy Hamsters usually attempt to blend in with the sunlight, because their flap of skin is yellow. They appear to throw long ranged darts at opposing threats. However, this makes a loud noise but the darts have a neurotoxin that moves to the victim's achilles heel, which slows them down. The Hamster then rushes in for the kill! To maximize dart hitting, they will put their fingers in a square position to maximize their depth perception.

Gerbil CrittersEdit

Gerbil Critters tend to be more aggressive than the other Gerbils, because they have a very high confidence. They eat steak to buff their muscles, and after killing their target, they bathe in the blood of their victims, which causes their flap of skin to stain red, but it also strengthens their muscles to be able to kill Scouts and spies in one hit! They will usually laugh after every kill, when there's nobody around.

They live in water, competing with Pyrosharks, to control points, and competing with entire teams.


Sadly, people overhunt these majestic creatures, so there may be no hope for the Gerbils...


Hoovy Gerbils: Edit

-Officer's Ushanka

-Gloves of Running Urgently

Hoovy Hamsters: Edit

-Officer's Ushanka (Yellow Dye)


-Gloves of Running Urgently

-Director's Vision

Gerbil Critters: Edit

-Officer's Ushanka

-Killing Gloves of Boxing( Optional:Strange Killing Gloves of Boxing, after 10 kills paint ushanka red)

-Buffalo Steak Sandvich

(-Optional:) Schadenfreude



-Unsuspecting Prey

-Mercs with less than 71 HP

-Easy Prey (Spycrabs, Baby Shpees, etc.)


-Most TF2-nimals





-Pyrosharks, except for Critters.

-Heavydiles, except for critters.

This is because Heavydiles and Pyrosharks are predators of the Gerbils.

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