Hoovy Bees are a widespread species of insects that resemble heavies. They are usually found in dry areas in maps, and well populated areas. 


Hoovy Bees are usually docile, but will attack if provoked. They spend most of their time flying around, collecting ear wax from dead bodies to make honey with. They like to make friends with humans, and young ones will often sneak out of the nest to hang out with human children. 
375px-Grand Duchess Fairy Wings

A Hoovy Bee showing off his beautiful muscles.

Adult males will often flex in front of appealing women, hoping to bring them back to the nest. This usually rarely works. 

Creators of a new nest will often sneak out in dark corners in high areas, and then make nests out of sandvich bread.

Honey makingEdit

After collecting about a pound of human ear wax, they will head to the nest, take out a pot, throw the wax in, a bit of salt (just a pinch), a teaspoon of bologna, (sometimes) a drop of molten gold, or, rarely, australium, and a Sandvich. They mix it in and put it in the oven for thirty minutes and let cool for two minutes. They will share the honey among humans and bees alike.
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