The Hoovy Beaird is an exceedingly rare species of Gravitelamo that was created when scientists bred a male Heavy Bear with a female Bird-Hugungi. Although the species is quite new, its already being introduced to the world of TF2nimals. The Hoovy Beaird shares the feathers from its mother but retains the bear shaped head from it's father. To learn more about the species we have been examining a Hoovy Beaird that lives in Sunset Saloon named Ifrit, a male Hoovy Beaird, that was born passive. After consulting him on his heritage and questions about him, we learned that the Hoovy Beaird is a somewhat passive species. Its usually peaceful until provoked or someone steals it's food.

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A picture of Ifrit from a mercenary's view

Diet Edit

The Hoovy Beaird is a carnivore so you won't find one eating plants unless it is in a dire need of something to eat. The Hoovy Beaird usually eats Tf2nimals that are weaker or smaller like Spycrabs or PyroDucks. The Hoovy Beaird will not randomly attack and eat any tf2nimal bigger then it (unless it attacks the Beaird) due to a thing it calls "The Honor Code." He hasn't told us what this honor code is but we assume it is about respect for bigger creatures.

We recently discovered that, for some strange reason, Hoovy Beairds will not eat or attack Pootis Bears under no conditions, even if they are starving or being attacked by them.. We believe that this is because they are intelligent and know that if they were to kill a Pootis Bear the species would eventually fade into extinction.

Characteristics Edit

As previously stated, the Hoovy Beaird shares the feathers it gets from the Bird-Hugungi but has a bear head mixed with the feathers. The Hoovy Beaird has claws on its hand it inherited from its Bear Heavy parent for dealing with prey or attacking creatures. It also inherits fur from its Bear Heavy parents for coping with cold weather. The Hoovy Beaird keeps its intelligence from the Bird-Hugungi but still has brute force to deal with enemies from the Heavy Bear.

Requirements Edit

Bear Necessities

Chicken Kiev

Weight-Room Warmer

Warrior's Spirit

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