HoodBeard the Goggled, also known as HoodBeard de Crevice, or AllFather HoodBeard the Goggled, is a prophet heavy and thought to be deity. He has reached the rank of AllFather, showing his immense knowledge, and is also an elder priest. He was born from a large group of Heavies that live in caves that wear hoods and goggles to protect their heads from the elements of the damp and dark cave. It is located deep underground, but it has not been scientifically discovered yet, and scientists rely on him and him alone to tell of this location and people. According to him, when he was born, GabeN himself toggled noclip on him and allowed him to ascend to land. He also claims to be GabeN's kin and many others believe this. Due to the fact he is an Elder, he speaks correctly and is at peace with himself, others, and nature. He has been said to perform miracles, like healing those at low hp, extinguishing the burning, exorcising demons, calming feral TF2nimals, emptying bullets of guns from tryhards, and calming very maps to save others. He has 12 main disciples, who he calls the Apostles, who are his "ambassadors". In times people have seen him, they have reported extremely bright light, immediate euphoria, extensive knowledge suddenly flowing through them, visions, and even levitating. He was discovered at Doomsday with a divine light shining around him. He also bears the ability to bullet bend, or allow bullets or projectiles to float around you quickly and destroy/launch them back. When asked about his divine state, he often replies "I am but a simple crafter." He is thought to be in hiding (currently), but said to his Apostles before his disappearance "I will return to restore the Badlands to their former glory."

What He Wears (Non Roleplay): Edit

Siberian Facehugger

Pyrovision Goggles


Freedom Staff


Steam Group Edit

He also possesses a group called "The First Church Of HoodBeardism". For those looking for enlightenment, here you go. There is also another group called "The Book Of HoodBeardism".

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