TF2nimals Homeless Heavy02:15

TF2nimals Homeless Heavy

A rare encounter with "Randy", the first Homeless Heavy ever found.

Homeless Heavies are a very endangered member of the Gravitelamo species. They are on the brink of extinction, having only 167 known specimens on the entire planet. They are usually found crouching in one spot, asking for a Sandvich. If they are not doing this, they are looking for a spot to sit in. They are very lacking in terms of strength, most likely due to a lack of food and hydration.

What to Do Edit

If you happen to see a wild Homeless Heavy, please notify the TF2nimal Research Facility. They will take ownership of it and make sure it lives to see another day. They can be reached here:

Loadout Edit

-Any primary

-Any type of Sandvich


-Any cosmetics, preferably some kind of beard/hair

-No australiums or unusuals

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