The Hippopootimus is a new TF2-nimal (Discovered By Darkjet15 & SoulKillerCL) discovered on August 15, 2014. They are a variant of the Gravitelamo. The Hippopootimus can be identified by its ridged head, yellow eyes, aggression towards other aquatic TF2-nimals and its love of engi coral, Although this creatures spends most of it's time near the surface of the water.

The Hippopootimus moves increadibly slow on land but very fast in the water, Similiar to that of their relative, The Heavydile.

The Hippopootimus is an endangered species, Being hunted down for their delicious meat.

Behaviour Edit

The Hippopootimus is the most aggresive Gravitelamo [except the rabid heavy] ever to be discovered. These creatures will attack anything that moves in there waters, Except of course, Engi coral.

The Hippopootimus, However, can be swayed by it's love of buffalo steak sandvichs.

The Hippopootimus appears to be a very social creature, Always staying in large groups and never leaving a member behind.

Predators/Prey Edit

Predators Edit

  • Heavydiles
  • Pyrosharks

Prey Edit

  • Angler Heavies
  • Democrabs
  • Spycrabs
  • Jellyneers
  • Hammer Scoots
  • Reindeergineers

Requirements Edit

  • Normal Fists
  • War Head
  • War Goggles/Pyrovision Goggles
  • Buffalo Steak Sandvich

Safety Edit

If you wish to film, watch or feed the Hippopootimus, Stay near the shore.

If one approaches you, Offer it food and run.

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